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31.05.2019 Article

WordDigest: Hold on... (1) Change will come

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"But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors, and leading them out, he said

Go, stand and continue to tell the people in the temple [courtyards] the whole message of this life [the eternal life revealed by Christ and found through faith in Him"

[Acts 5:19-20] Amplified Bible
Today we will start a new series on 'Hold on'. To hold on is to grasp something firmly. But to hold on to God through Christ Jesus is to wait for a while for His glory to manifest in one's life. Or waiting patiently with faith that God will do what He has promised you.

From the text, Apostles and believers of Jesus Christ were arrested and imprisoned for propagating the Word.

Imagining the sort of discomfort and pain they would experience whilst in prison.

Yet they continued to believe in God and held on to the salvation power of Christ Jesus.

And when they took that position of holding on to their freedom in Christ Jesus, change came through an angel of the Lord. And they testified about Jesus by spreading God's Word to other places.

In the Bible Jacob's son, Joseph had to go through slavery, dejection and humiliation from the hands of his own brothers. He was accused of a crime he didn't commit at Potiphar's house eventually ending him in a prison. At long last God brought change in his life when He [God] made him [Joseph] the Prime Minister and second in command to Pharaoh, the Egyptian king then.

A certain man in Jerusalem who suffered from an infirmity has to wait 38 years around a pool called Bethesda in order to be healed by Christ Jesus.

What is your story? Jesus Christ is still saving and healing people and He can heal and save you if you believe.

Brethren you have come to far to go back. Never look back because you're an inch away from God's angelic visitation. The circumstances in your life won't change God's agenda concerning your life.

Don't throw in the towel yet. Hopefully continue to hold on to God through Christ Jesus. For change will come and has come in Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

Remember to testify about Jesus Christ to someone.
Be inspired.
Lord, you're the Son of God and in you I believe change has come into my life in Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

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