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18.01.2006 General News

Andanis Indict Aliu Mahama

By The Heritage.
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The Andani Dasana family is pointing accusing finger at the Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama for allegedly ordering arm raids at their palace, arrest and detention of their leader. He is also being accused of dangerously interfering to get two successive verdicts from the king makers quashed to satisfy what they described as his Abudu allies headed by the Nakpa – Na Salifu Dawuni.

In a letter to The Heritage yesterday gave a flip side to the current chieftaincy – cum – communal violence in Bimbila traditional area. In a letter signed and delivered by the Secretary to the Gate, Alhaji Yakubu Daadenka, the Andanis said the current violence and the doctrine of hate in the area come about as a result of the obstructions from the government in ensuring that the two verdicts from both the Nayiri and the nine kingmakers were implemented by the state.

'To be more precise the Bimbila Andani gate is headed by Na Andani Dasana while the Bimbila Abudu Gate is headed by Nakpa – Na Salifu Dawuni. Na Andani Dasana of the Bimbila Andani gate and Nakpa – Na Salifu Dawuni also of the Bimbila Abudu Gate are two contestants of the Bimbila skin. The king makers of the six voted for Na Andani Dasana, the sympathizer of the Yendi Andani Gate, while a dismal three voted for the Nakpa – Na- Abudu Gate favoured candidate in Bimbila. This episode of the fall of the Abudu Gate's favourite did not go well with the vice president and his cohorts in the NPP government and Na- Adani.