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29.05.2019 General News

Builsa South MP Chides Gov't Over No Show In Rosewood Ban

Dr ApaakDr Apaak

Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Dr Clement Apaak is questioning government commitment to the fight against the logging of Rosewood in the Constituency as the illegal activities still goes on.

According to him, the fight to save the rosewood tree is not close to being won given the laxity in enforcement of the law by agents of government.

In a statement copied to Modernghana, the lawmaker said, he doubts the effectiveness of the ban as there are shocking reports with flimsy execuses from persons in authority contrary to President Akufo Addo claims at World Climate change summit in Austria, that his government has banned the logging and export of rosewood to protect our forest , a fact that the ban is actually ineffective.

"Sadly, the lack of clarity about how the ban is being enforced and which institutions, agencies and services are responsible, has created room for the criminal rosewood pillagers and thier collaborators to continue the destruction of the savanna woodland ecological forest," Dr Apaak stated.

He expressed his doubts on the effectiveness of the ban as state institutions responsible are engaged in frisy fight as to who have the right to confiscate and detained containers of Rosewood.

"How can the ban be enforced, and therefore be effective when state agencies/institutions, rather than putting in the efforts to prevent the illegal logging of rosewood in the first place, are fighting over who takes custody of impounded containers of rosewood! I can understand the role of the Forestry Commission, what of EOCO and GRA? We need an explanation from GRA and EOCO on thier various roles in the matter of rosewood, " Dr Appak intimated.

The Builsa South enclave is where the illegal logging of Rosewood is most operated, making the vegetation becoming prone to desert. The continue cutting down of Rosewood left many residents alarm as to the law enforcement agencies.

Nevertheless, Dr Apaak who has since launched a crusade against the menace felt the people of Ghana, especially the people of Builsa South are been betrayed.

A rosewood pillager, a Chinese national, Helen Wang, is at large after being arrested and granted bail in Tamale.

Another illegal rosewood processing site/plant was also discovered at Damongo, the Capital of the Savanna region.

He said, with all these, evidential criminality, no action has been taken against the Chinese owners and their Ghanaian collaborators.

He is therefore questioning the sincerity and commitment of Government to enforce the ban.

The Deputy Ranking on Education Committee of Parliament said, these embarrassing occurrences could have been prevented if the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources had put out the exact details of the ban; which state institutions, agencies, services and or personell are in charge of the enforcement of the ban.

He noted that, if government had issued a communique outlining how the renewed ban is being enforced, the citizens of Ghana and community members in the source areas could have been clear on their roles and would be in a position to help in the fight against illegal logging, haulage and export of rosewood.

Dr Apaak further asked to know the whereabout of the containers and logs confiscated at Tamale from the Chinese national.

He is also demanding to know how many containers have been impounded since the renewed ban, what actions have been taken against the owners of the vehicles and what has happened to the vehicles carrying the illegal rosewood?.

He however called on the President, to apply the same effort and strategy adopted in the fight against illegal mining on the illegal logging of Rosewood to protect the rosewood tree and by extension protect the savanna woodland ecological forest.