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29.05.2019 Crime & Punishment

Chief, Taxi Driver Allegedly Defile 13-year-old Girl

By News Desk
Chief, Taxi Driver Allegedly Defile 13-year-old Girl

Mother of a 13-year-old girl, (name withheld) allegedly defiled separately by two men, one of them a chief within a week, is seeking justice for her daughter.

Chief of Freso in Bosome Freho District of Ashanti Region, is said to have sexually abused Ama who had gone to collect money for firewood he had bought from her.

Three days after the incident a taxi driver identified as ‘Inspector’ subjected her to a similar ordeal while she went out fetching firewood in a nearby bush for sale.

Even when Ama’s mother suggests she is recovering, it is obvious the victim is having difficulty walking due to the abuse she suffered, Luv News’ Nana Yaw Gyimah reported.

Part of the victim’s medical report sighted by the reporter said “patient had tenderness with swells all over the vulva and vestibules. Patient also had bruises with oozing of blood from the vestibules.”

What happened?

Ama’s first ordeal was reportedly perpetuated by the Freso chief, Nana Taa Amoah Antwi, who took advantage of her when she went to collect money for firewood he had bought from her.

“I had tried on several occasions to get my money from him but to no avail. The last time I was there he invited me to his room, brought out some money but when I reached out for it he pushed me onto his bed and forcibly had sex with me,” teary Ama recounted.

According to the 13-year-old, her cry for help yielded no result as there was no one around to rescue her from the chief.

Nana Amoah Antwi allegedly threatened to curse Ama with his stools and other deities, should she tell anyone about his despicable act, she narrated.

Sad though, even before her mother got to know, her elder sister’s friend who is a taxi driver popularly called Inspector, also defiled her four days after her ordeal with the chief.

“Inspector sent me and when I returned he was in a busy area close to a refuse dump and he beckoned that I get closer to him there and he had his way with me.

“Few days after that, my mother could not get me money for school and on my way, I saw Inspector who told me to come for the money. I went because I was hungry and there again he had sex with me,” she said.