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29.05.2019 Nigeria

Nigerian Young Lady, Lisa Obby Ike Awarded Doctorate In Psychology In USA

By Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere
Lisa Obby IkeLisa Obby Ike

Nigerian women in Diaspora are making their nation proud around the world. On May 18, 2019, a Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was honored with Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters at Georgetown College USA. Another Nigerian woman, Yemi Adenuga was the first black woman to be elected in the county council in Ireland.

Also, in May, 2019, another history was made when a young Nigerian lady, Lisa Obby Ike received a doctorate in psychology (PsyD) from the California School of Professional Psychology, USA.

Lisa Obby Ike is a survivor and has endured soft and hard ripples, unforgiving ebb & flows and impediments that in the past detracted her focus. She has learnt to accept her fullness and allow it to lead her to whatever and wherever God calls. She has taken an oath to march forward and do what’s uncomfortable because that’s where her growth lies and that’s where life is wildly lived. As one of the youngest and Nigerian recipient of a doctorate in psychology, she felt fulfilled, humbled and grateful.

Her career journey…..
Lisa has a linear career story. Her journey was overgrown with wild dreams—some unrealistic and others contradictory to her cultural norms. As a child, she loved to sing and dreamt of performing. Although timid, but she was able to shelf her nerves and extend her voice. This stage played out, however she adopted her mother’s belief in her becoming a nurse. She wasn’t ecstatic about this area of study but as a Nigerian, safety and security were essentials in pursuing a field. During nursing school she found herself counseling patients rather than nursing them. This shift in care prompted her extended research in helping fields. At 23, she furnished an idea of developing an advising site for young girls. As she trudged through life this idea flourished into mental health, psychology and landed on organizational development. She believed she is a sum of her failures, mistakes, achievements, and strides. And she is still walking.

Dr. Lisa was inspired by a somewhat unnerving experience. In order to fully understand the underpinnings of the occurrence, she relied on psychology to drive her to the roots of human behavior. She became fascinated by its teachings and the multi-directions it forced her psyche to travel. Psychology has allowed her to engage her imagination & creativity.

Just as a popular play known as “hard to get,” Lisa enjoyed the challenge of difficult pursuit and psychology was (and is) hard to capture. Its theories are abstract and cannot be contained by the methodical brain. It requires intellectual nourishment and esoteric interpretation to fully evolve. Of course, not many who love psychology are able to reach the peak of it, because it is mentally demanding.

Through psychology, she has helped employees to live and work effectively together in order to achieve a shared purpose and to sustain the organizational value.

Dr. Lisa intends to humanize work environments, because most often workers get lost in their task(s) while their human sense melts away; they reduce to a machine that merely receives and responds and become a slave to the vessel. She plans to defy this practice by addressing the human component.

As Lisa has earned a doctorate in psychology from California School of Professional Psychology, USA, her next plan is to create spaces for human activity in work environments; to design an atmosphere for continued learning, growth and change through training and workshops.

She also has a plan to facilitate women retreats, Zen Talks and conduct deep dialogue to discuss the forces of life.

This is a paraphrased article from an interview with Dr. Lisa Obby Ike, by GlobalNoticeHub

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