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18.01.2006 NPP News

NPP/NDC “Infantile Intrigues” Will Not Halt CPP Advance

By CPP UK & Ireland

It is perhaps not surprising in politics that when a political party is in trouble, as the ruling NPP and the opposition NDC parties clearly are, that they seek to deflect attention from their woes. Some political woes blow away very quickly but others are more lasting, and turn into a legacy. The NDC has left a lasting legacy that it is a Party of “violence and fear” and also a party of “cash & carry”. The NPP's emerging legacy which may become a lasting one is that of “rampant corruption laced with arrogance”, but also one of “wrong priorities”. Both have bequeathed and bequeathing to Ghana legacies of failure compared to the internationally respected legacy of “progress and development “by the CPP. No one doubts the achievement of the CPP, with those who seek to rubbish its legacy reduced to the usual pathetic tale of “CPP had money in the coffers”, as if this is a negative or that no subsequent government has had billions of dollars, which they have wasted.

The current woes of both NPP and NDC have lead them to employ the usual machinations against their opponents, which can only be regarded as “infantile intrigues”. The rank and file and indeed the Leadership of the CPP have learned to anticipate their every move and thus such intrigues would not be allowed to halt CPP organizational progress or deflect the global Nkrumaist movement from building a strong and independent and united CPP/PNC in Ghana. The Party and the general public are quite clear now on who the infiltrators and lackeys are within the CPP, and thus their every utterance or statement is now viewed as yet another “discredited effusion” from lackeys.

The UK & Ireland Branch of the CPP wishes to assure ordinary members of the CPP in Ghana of its unflinching support for CPP/PNC unity and emphatic support financially and otherwise in the forward march of the CPP/PNC as a strong and independent force in Ghanaian politics. A history of achievement is on our side; the overwhelming good will of Ghanaians is on our side, all international progressives are on our side. We must thus stand firm and resist all intrigues which seek to divide us , against any attempts by those who are not stakeholders in the party from seeking to control it, against the loonies who will seek to destabilize our progress to government in 2009. We must all remain focused on our planned organizational framework for each region, on cementing unity in the forthcoming congress in March, in the Unity Congress mid 2006, and the election of a United CPP Flagbearer by the end of 2006.

Join the campaign for a united CPP government Forward Ever to CPP Government in 2009.

Yours In the Service of Ghana's Democracy

R.N.A. Akomfrah Chairman (CPP UK & Ireland)