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18.01.2006 General News

Grandpa rapes 7-year-old granddaugther,


...diagnosed with HIV The Guardian of a seven-year-old rape victim is seeking help to finance a surgical operation, which could save the life of the child.

The girl who for the purposes of this report will be called Adjoa is currently unable to pass urine or go to the toilet like a normal person because the tissues between her female genital organ and her anus are completely damaged from the rape.

Her paternal grandfather is facing trial for allegedly defiling the seven year old, who had been staying with her paternal grand parents after her mother died.

Adjoa is a seven-year-old rape victim who struggles on a daily basis to attend to nature's call of passing urine and going to the toilet.

Three alleged successive rapes by her 60 year old paternal grandfather has left a gaping whole in what should have otherwise been tissues separating her anus from her vagina.

So now doctors have through a surgical operation diverted her urine and feaces through her intestines.

As a result the seven year old walks around with her intestines popping out on the left side of her body with only a bandage to hold back the dripping human waste.

Adjoa tells Joy News her grandfather forcibly had sex with her despite persistent cries begging for mercy.

” I was playing with my friends when my grandfather asked me to go and sleep with him, when I refused, he pushed me unto the bed and had sex with me. When I told my grandma she warned me not to tell anyone. I had pains in my vagina,” she said.

The seven year old was defiled sometime in March 2005 at Mpasaso in the Ahafo Ano South District of the Ashanti region.

But she only received medical attention in September.

Her maternal aunty, Ama Serwaah, says she brought Adjoa to Accra in August last year after information reached her that she was sick.

Madam Serwaah says Adjoa was discharging both urine and feaces from her vagina when she brought her from the village.

Doctors at a clinic in Kasoa first diagnosed she had been raped and referred her to Korle Bu.

“The Korle Bu doctors said her vagina and anal area had been completely battered. They said if she continued defecating and urinating through her vagina she would die. So they did a bypass through her intestines until she heals,” Madam Serwaah said.

But another disturbing disclosure was made during the doctor's examination of the 7year old rape victim.

It was established that she was HIV positive. But its uncertain if she contracted it from her grandfather or her parents.

Madam Serwaah says she risks her life daily treating this HIV positive rape victim.

“She needs a second operation, but I can't afford it. Am sure you could smell the bad odour from her body when she came near you. I can't even afford the bandage to dress the bypass”

Whiles Madam Serwaah seeks assistance to get Adjoa a second surgery to replace her contused genital organs, a legal case filed against the alleged rapist is pending before a local court in Kumasi.

The 60-year-old man who faces defilement charges was held for two and half months after the initial report.

The case was adjourned for another two weeks on Monday.