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28.05.2019 General News

Attitudinal Change Key to Development—Augustina Osei

Attitudinal Change Key to Development—Augustina Osei

Member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Augustina Osei has said Ghanaians need to have a more responsible attitude towards nation building.

She bemoans the attitude of Ghanaians always threatening their leaders with votes whenever they face a problem.

She said nation building goes beyond voting for a candidate every four years.

"It's important we demand more from our leaders. We're not angry enough to demand more from them. We all have a role to play in movingthis country forward. It's not just about threatening government with votes whenever election is due," she stressed.

Mrs Osei expressed concern about the slow pace of development in the country.

She believes we can do a lot better if the youth join forces and not leave the workload on government alone.

Speaking on the appointment of Charlotte Osei as UN electoral commissioner for Afghanistan, Augustina extended her congratulations and well wishes to her.

She also urged the media to tone down on the unnecessary sensational headlines they give to stories.

"Ghanaian media loves sensational headlines. They give a headline to a story, you read it and it's a different thing all together," she intimated.

She called on the UN to ensure safety for Charlotte Osei as Afghanistan is known for constant fighting and also urged Charlotte Osei to make Ghana proud.

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