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28.05.2019 International

Shocking Photos: Police Check Car, Finds Refugee In Glove Box

When the Spanish police opened the glove compartment, they found an illegal immigrant inside
When the Spanish police opened the glove compartment, they found an illegal immigrant inside

There are dramatic circumstances in Spain: during the biggest mass storm in Melilla in the last six months, dozens of refugees have reached the Spanish North Africa exclave.

Some 100 sub-Saharan Africans in Morocco attempted to negotiate the six-meter-high, double-border fences in mid-May, according to the Spanish Interior Ministry's representative in Melilla, at least 52 of them had managed to reach EU territory.

The occasionally curiosity means that migrants who try to enter the EU are now illustrated by a recent example: According to the Spanish Civil Guard-Police, three people were arrested on Saturday who wanted to enter Spain illegally in three different cars from Morocco.

A 15-year-old girl hid behind the backseat of a car, two more men each in the dashboard, the police said. When the officers opened the glove box, they discovered behind them a hidden passenger about 20 years old. This is shown by shocking photos published by the police. Another picture shows a man in the engine compartment.

The three people were medically supervised on the spot, they say. They were in pain, disoriented. The 15-year-old suffered from respiratory distress. The Moroccan drivers were arrested on suspicion of smuggling people.

The last storm to Spain was in October 2018

The most recent major storm to Spain was registered in October 2018. At that time around 200 migrants could storm into the exclave.

Spain has two exclaves in North Africa, both of which are claimed by Morocco: Ceuta on the strait of Gibraltar and Melilla, 250 kilometers to the east. In the vicinity of both areas, tens of thousands of needy Africans are predominantly from sub-Saharan Africa..

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

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