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28.05.2019 Feature Article

Mahama Playing On A-Plus Greed To Destroy The Akufo-Addo Government

Kwame A-PlusKwame A-Plus

Greed is like the air of A-Plus, purposely something he can never deal with or do without it. If A-Plus had been a chameleon, Greed would have been the only color he would never able to change. A-Plus is so greedy and corrupt, he can even kill his mother and child to attempt quenching such an insatiable thirst of his, something his wife and external family should be very vigilant about. Aside greed and corruption, A-Plus has no master, in fact, it is a craft he is likely to beat the "devil" to it during a contest.

Just like now, during his days in the Ghana Music Industry: an entire music career of his of which he had only one hit, he used his greed and corrupt attitude to swindle, blackmail, defraud and backstab lots of his colleagues and women in the industry. His corrupt activities in the music industry will be highlighted brightly to the world on another forum in the soonest.

Due to the school of thought that "Greed makes a smartest a fool", and also with the knowledge of the greedy attitude of A-Plus by former President John Mahama, a man known to be so cunning, corrupt and deceitful that he was able to milk an oil rich country dry in just two years under his rein and also deceive Mrs Charlotte Osei to make an international ridicule of herself, he has been able to deceive A-Plus to help him push his evil whims and caprice, as he did and has been doing with Prof. Jane Opoku Naana Agyemang.

After A-Plus strategic employ of shenanigan and dubious tactics which involved backstabbing, blackmailing and others to get more contracts of which each was estimated at about 3 million Ghana cedis, of which he was not even qualified for failed, and which eventually led to the one he has already been given to be taken from him due to his shambolic handling of the contract as well, he set himself up for the highest bidder which happened to be none than the most greedy and cunning under Ghana's entire existence, because this present government would not allow such an uncouth, greedy, deviant and corrupt behaviour like that of A-Plus to have life under its existence.

To start with, former President Mahama gave A-Plus 1 million Ghana cedis to compensate him for the loss of his contract under BOST. And just as it is alleged that John Mahama bribed the owner of the African Watch Magazine, a long time friend of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, with 500,000 dollars to tarnish the image of H.E Nana Addo when he was flagbearer: something it has been learnt that this owner of the African Watch Magazine has regretted till date, it is supposed that it has been agreed between John Mahama and A-Plus for the latter to be paid 400,000 dollars to pursue an entire campaign against the President Nana Addo led NPP Government of which it also has been promised by John Mahama to top A-Plus up with the head of the Creative Arts Industry position in case he is able to become the President of Ghana after the 2020 general elections.

Clearly, these supposed revelations show that A-Plus is a greedy glutton, blackmailer, backstabber, traitor and a highly corrupt person whose words should never be taken as fact, but rather as malice meant to destroy a person with a good reputation in the pursuit of his bid to keep his greed satisfied.

Kweku Musah Asiedu

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa
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