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28.05.2019 Feature Article

Lack of Law Enforcement Coupled with Unethical Media Practices are Collapsing Ghana

Lack of Law Enforcement Coupled with Unethical Media Practices are Collapsing Ghana

Cry, my beloved country Ghana. Cry, the teeming poverty-stricken masses who are unfortunately deprived of the basic means of livelihood. Laugh, the corrupt leadership of Ghana who shamelessly ransack the state coffers and abuse their positions for their selfish gains. However, bear in mind that time changes, and there is time and season for everything as in Exodus 3:1-8. There is time to wake up and time to sleep. There is time to live and time to die etc. And, as correctly said in his song, "Time Changes" by Akwasi Ampofo Agyei as found below.

Political positions are like the morning dew which dissipates with the rising Sun. They don’t last forever. Therefore, if you have had the chance to be elected or appointed to a position of higher responsibility, please do not abuse your position to rob the nation or to intimidate the governed but rather use it to serve them in all honesty. Acquiring wealth dishonestly will not bring you the peace of mind, joy and the love of God you crave for but the end unhappiness that you least expect.

For love of money, corruption masterminded and orchestrated by our leaders from whom we otherwise expect better, has gained roots and fast flourishing in Ghana to the utter detriment of the nation and the citizens. Because of corruption, the nation’s ecology is under constant annihilation by foreigners, especially the Chinese and their Ghanaian accomplices. Because of corruption, law enforcement in Ghana has completely broken down with the law enforcement agents themselves being overly corrupt. The police, judges, those with positions in the civil service, you just name it, they are all overly corrupt. Laws do not work as they should. They work only to benefit the rich and the powerful and when they are to punish the poor and the needy. Shame!!!

Is there any hope for Ghana reaching halfway of the economic success of Rwanda? I don’t think so under its current situation where police officers are openly taking bribes with impunity. Not long ago, there was a nationwide effort to fight the devastating illegal surface mining (galamsey) by the natives and especially, the rogue Chinese who have no respect for the environment and the lives of people. Upon all the efforts made, the very taskforce and/or other people appointed to oversee the stoppage of the destructive mining are themselves rather assisting the miners or doing galamsey themselves, according to the information bandying about in some social circles.

I hope Mr Owusu Afriyie, alias Sir John, the Chief Executive Officer for Ghana Forestry or whatever, will not continue to preside over the rot let alone, get involve himself as some people are alleging. As I wield a double-edged sharpened dagger, I shall not hesitate to take whoever is truly discovered to be involved in sabotaging the fight against galamsey and illegal depletion, or logging, of, rosewood, on. I am really fed up with our politicians and those in higher positions in the civil service taking us for fools through the underestimation of the collective intelligence of Ghanaians.

The Ghana media are not helping with the advancement of the nation at all. Much as the media houses are into business to maximise their profits, how they earn their profits must be worthy of praise but not that irresponsible. Yes, the TV and radio stations earn their money through advertisements and the airtime they give to people and companies advertising themselves or their products. Apart from the numerously daily advertisements of the nonsensical libidinal concoctions of both local and Chinese made, encouraging people to spend time on sex while the Whites are spending time exploring outer space and discovering or inventing things, they give airtime to quack prophets and juju men.

These false pastors, prophets and evangelists, and juju men, are causing great disservice to the people and the nation. These so-called men and women of God, by their false activities intrinsically directed at cheating people to enrich themselves, are given airtime to market themselves with the radio or TV station operators knowing they are fake. The so-called men and women of God encourage people to come to their churches or prayer centres almost everyday all because of the money they will get from them. What time will the people queuing to see them, same believing they can be helped solve their problems according as advertised on air, have to go to do work that will earn them a decent living? Are these pastors and prophets not rather causing problems to the nation and the people visiting them for the help they cannot actually deliver, contrary to as advertised?

Why are the radio and TV stations allowing people to come on air to claim they can assist individuals to earn quick buck through foul means in what is "Sikaduro"? Does history or experience not tell us that acquiring this sikaduro which I personally don’t believe it, in most instances, body parts of human being are needed? Does this not give rise to the suspicious missing or killing of people in the nation? Why should our media houses assist criminals to perpetrate their crimes against unsuspecting Ghanaians to the end detriment of the nation? They make people become lazy, not willing to do hard work that will benefit the course of advancement of the nation but rather to retard it.

If Ghana laws were enforced strictly, all the false pastors and the juju men must be arrested, prosecuted and convicted. Can they do as they do in Ghana in President Paul Kagame’s Rwanda? No way!!! No wonder Rwanda is prosperous and is many years far ahead of Ghana in nation building and development.

As the bible advises the lazy man to visit the ant to learn of its wise ways, so shall I entreat Ghana President to go and learn of the ways of President Paul Kagame to replicate them in Ghana.

Watch the following YouTube videos by TaabeaTV about how these fake prophets and juju men are duping innocent Ghanaians;

"Prophet Bohyeba allegedly defrauds a man of a huge amount of money"

"Tricks and illusions some Pastors use in Ghana"

"The Real Identity of fake and thief mallam "Naatia & Togbe Shito" Exposed"

Just don’t allow these false prophets and juju men airtime on your radio and/or TV stations. Until we stop our unconscious collaborations with them and cease being ignorant, Ghana will never progress to the satisfaction of many but the few crooks with the politicians will forever enjoy the lion’s share of the wealth of the nation and in the end destroy the country for all. Let us enforce the laws. Resist the policeman taking bribe and he shall flee, especially if you are a "burger".

Rockson Adofo
(Monday, 27 May 2019)

Rockson Adofo
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