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28.05.2019 Feature Article

A True Muslim During Ramadan Can't Behave In This Manner

True Muslims prayingTrue Muslims praying

Islam is a monotheistic world religion in terms of the number of followers second only to Christianity but for a faithful Muslim, Islam is more than a religion.

These are strong foundations, a form of family relations, and a form of culture. A person who has entrusted himself and his destiny to Allah is given a great calm and the ability to perceive the world around us with a feeling of sincere and universal joy.

From Arabic, the word "Islam" can be translated as humility, submission, and surrender to God. In Sharia terminology, Islam is absolute and unconditional monotheism, obedience to the will of the Most High.

The date of birth of Islam is considered to be the month of Ramadan, 610 AD. It was then that the Prophet Muhammad delivered the first five verses of the Great Book bestowed on him by Allah.

Therefore, what kind of Muslim, calling himself Hama Malik, during Ramadan, will continue pouring such insults on someone who doesn’t even know the crime he has committed?

It all started after publishing an article entitled: “Every African Wants To Live Good But Nobody Wants To Die For His Country”

Then from know where this comment came: Joel Savage, you hypocrite Fanti man, are you ready to die for your Country Ghana...if yes why haven't you even visited Ghana for many years now? Keep writing nonsense in Belgium!!!

I replied: Hama, do you understand the word hypocrite? Don't use a word where it doesn't fit. The article speaks about fear to die. Many fear to die the reason they wouldn't like to speak about things going wrong in society.

Even if I am afraid to die or wouldn't die for Ghana, I am brave enough to accuse the US government of Ebola in Africa. What have you done for Ghana? You just wrote Hama as your name, why did you fail to write your full name for people to know how st*p*d you are? Typical Ghanaian who wouldn't learn calls everything nonsense.

After that, he came back bearing Hama Malik with all the abusive comments under each of my article:

  • Hiding behind your personal computer to write sh*t about the US government is not braveness. Any id**t can accuse the US government...go and help your people in Ghana instead of aging in Belgium to be writing weed.

  • ..and so he should stop his useless articles and go back home to help his Fanti folk with his "too known" mentality.

  • Joel Savage, it has been very easy for to be writing your bullshit in Belgium without knowin what is really on the grounds in Africa. When did you visit your Fanti folk the last time in Ghana...why don't you move to Ghana and share your silly ideas direct with the Ghanaian people?

  • Listen, you hypocrite Joel Savage, this your camouflage st*p*d article is also all about indirectly trying to push the NDC against the NPP. Don't you ever think you can play on our intelligence with your partisan nonsense. Go and f*ck yourself in your cage in Belgium.

This was after I published an article entitled: Discourage Articles Brewing Political Unrest In Ghana

Then after every article I published, he continues with his verbal attacks, including a religious article entitled: Is The Kingdom Of God Already In Our Midst?

  • You will certainly be ok if you stop your Partisan hypocrisy and be study. And mind you, writing bullsh*t about leaders in their countries is not braveness as you claim but madness, Why? ...simply because from you cave in Belgium, "you" can't change anything with your attention seeking and horn blowing articles.

I didn’t even know that the Dutch scientist Johan Van Donen, has also made this comment: Dear Mister Hama Malik,

What is this kind of attacking all about? Politics? Frustration? Intelligence quotient perhaps? Please explain yourself where Mister Savage is wrong. Otherwise, it's better first start reading and then try to discuss the matter in a proper way and not like a childish manner... Remember there where are no brains you musn't expect them....

And this the same person turns his abusive comments on Prof. Johan Van Dongen, saying: Who is this village back yard Pro. Johan van Dongen, with such a bad English. I hope you can understand what you read.

The Dutch scientist replied saying: I feel really sorry for you. It isn't about English but a state of mind... Your mind actually.... Discussion closed....

His last comment under my article published today is: Hama Malik | 5/27/2019 2:58:00 PM

Joel Savage, be sturdy and refrain from ypur hypocrisy in order not to ruin your already misreable life to a crucial destruction Level.

Which true Muslim can attack someone with such abusive comments during Ramadan?

Islam means peace, brotherhood, the reason a true Muslim finds it hard to discriminate against other people because they consider everyone, Jew, Catholic, etc, as brothers in Religion, just as Allāh has described them in the Qur’ān:

Therefore, what kind of a true Muslim during Ramadan will carry so much hate without any tangible reason, calling someone's ethnic background, ‘Fanti this, Fanti that? This man indeed is a false person or coward using a Muslim name just to attack me because a true Muslim will never behave in this way.

Just as the Dutch scientist, Johan Van Dongen, said, I feel very sorry for this person doing this in the sense that he has now crossed a boundary he shouldn’t. No one can mock Allah, so using a false name Hama Malik to continue attacking people during Ramadan period even is a worse thing he has done and whether it takes it as a joke or not, he will receive his punishment for that.

In one of his abusive comments, Mr. Hama Malik asked me when the last time the Fanti in a Belgium cave went home. I don’t need to announce on the television or the radio that I am going to Ghana from Belgium. In fact, this man calling himself Hama Malik has forced me to remember my worst pain. After the death of my mother, I was in Ghana, to bury her in August 2017.

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Does Hama Malik read the Quoran? Does he pray? My last words I would like to tell this so-called Hama Malik that, whatever a man sows, the same he shall reap, I swear on the death of my mother, …..that’s enough.

Joel Savage
Joel Savage, © 2019

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