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27.05.2019 Letter

Open Letter To Dr Mustapha Hamid

By Fareed Mohammed Awal
Mustapha Hamid
MAY 27, 2019 LETTER

Accept my greetings from the bemoaning grassroot. It's ever stated in the Akans local parlance which translates us "Even if we are crying, we stop to blow out our nose".

Exactly a week today when a 10 year old child died at Old Tafo after a heavypour of rain. And since then the body of the child is yet to be retrieved or remove from the chocked gutters or be seen after the unfortunate incidence.

The Girl's mother is of an absolute conviction for the demise of her child but has wept and continue to swim in a pool of tears as the body of her child has not been recovered.

When the Good Citizens of Ghana invested their trust into our leaders to protect us, it is the time these leaders displayed gross reluctancy and lackadaisical in their delivery and it is one of the problems that has since been sinking this nation.

When the issue of the drainage system and its construction became an imperative because of perennial flooding in our communities, the government has chosen to ignore it and rather focused on something it deemed prudent than the flood which has become the order of the day after a little rain.

Setting the records straight;
In September last year, the minister for Inner-City Zongo Development Dr Mustapha Hamid visited old Tafo zongo and paid a courtesy call on to the palace only to tell chief and his sub chiefs that its ministry in consonance with the government are set to construct a drainage system for the vicinity.

The Minister then said the technical officers of the ministry have already taken the measurements and completed the costing for the project and has been factored in the Ministry’s 2019 budget estimates.

Alhaji Saeed Ibrahim and his chiefs were very delighted to have heard what the minister posited. Little did they know the construction of the drainage system as propagated was just a mere political comments from the minister.

• Eight months now since the minister in his Sugar Coated mouth promised the overlord of old Tafo Zongo and his Sub chief but nothing significant is done.

• As it is now, no sign or notification board is place at the said area to notify people about the construction.

• Foundation for the construction of the system is no where to be found. Currently, there is no pragmatical sense of the project and the place is left for default.

• We have about 6 months to end the year 2019 and Good Citizens of old Tafo does not know where to keep their heads anytime it rains.

I understand 2020 will be very busy year for the government as he will use few months to work and the rest for campaign. My question for the president and his minister is should the Good people of Tafo die or continue suffering before he intervene or what ?

Some of us knew Flood is the topmost national problem we have in the country but the last time the president intervened in an issue happened to be the issue of captaincy (as to who should wear the captain's arm band in the AFCON 2019).

Meanwhile, the heavypour on Monday saw the demised of people not only in Tafo, but Asawase, Moashie Zongo and other towns in the Ashanti jurisdiction.

Admittedly, we can't sit aloof and allow such things to happen and later put our blame on superstition. In as much as the rainfall was a natural phenomenon, God has given us the brain to reason and other organs to help us in our abilities to solve a problem.

Henceforth, i am reminding the minister for the promise he made in front of the Zongo chief, his subs, and other media houses to get the work done. Though we are on the stroke of the 6th month of the year, it is never late than never.

Yours in the service of God and Humanity.
Ramadan Kareem.
Thank you.
Fareed Mohammed Awal.
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 0265996965

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