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25.05.2019 Opinion

Prof. Anthony Afful Broni Should Prepare To Face Mr Martin Amidu

By Dawda Eric
Prof. Anthony Afful BroniProf. Anthony Afful Broni

The office of the special prosecutor is a special purpose vehicle for the purpose of tackling corruption and its related offences within the ambience of the criminal offences Act,1960(Act 29). The office which is a creature of law is mandated by Act 2018( Act 959 ) to arrest, detain, investigate, prosecute and recover the proceeds of any criminal activity offensive to the laws of Ghana.

Public universities are governed by laws and for that matter, financial administration(s) ought to be in tandem with the Public Financial Management Act,2016(Act 921). Absence of same renders an item of expenditure otiose, fraudulent, null and void which the Auditor General is enjoined by law to disallow and surcharge officers responsible for same contrary to any organised regulation or law.

It is against this background that, "myself and a colleague" jointly submitted a petition to the Auditor General few months ago to review by way of Audit into fictitious and questionable item of expenditure fraudulently sanctioned by UEW Vice Chancellor, Prof.Anthony Afful Broni.

The fact of the case is that, the Vice Chancellor, a respected Catholic priest who supposed to have known better criminally caused to be expended an amount of GHC 5,769,395.08 only in six weeks on expenditure items which cannot be justified. Professor Anthony Afful Broni who has not been properly advised concerning his obligation(s) as a principal spending officer under statute 6(c) of UEW would in the comings week feel the heat in his cassock.

He is going to be on record as the first Catholic priest to be added to the special prosecutor's list of cases yet to receive attention for possible investigation and prosecution. The same alacrity some of us had in dragging him to the Auditor General which rendered him as a common insomniac, same would be devoted this time around as an avenue for him to meet Mr. Martin Alamisi Amidu face to face.

Disgraceful Alhassan Salifu Bawah should also get prepared for possible investigation into how he got recruited as a lecturer in UEW when he fell short of the requisite qualification as a full-time lecturer. His subsequent sham elevation as HOD smacks of fraudulent consideration which is public knowledge and very soon, the facts would be put out there for everybody to see how lecturers aligned to the current VC are being favored for promotion and others.

Dawda Eric(Equity)
UEW Alumnus
24th May,2019
[email protected]

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