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25.05.2019 Feature Article

What a Situation of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black – Anas Aremeyaw Anas?

What a Situation of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black – Anas Aremeyaw Anas?

I am here to help the ace and award-winning Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas to do a better job by eradicating or mitigating the exacerbation of the illusion of altruism that has become his trademark, and of which he is deeply embedded. I am not going to discourage him from devoting his time to serving his country and people. However, I am going to constructively criticise him to come out clean and much better in his illusionary rendering of service to the people of Ghana through his popularised waging of war on corrupt officials.

Official corruption with its ramifications is the bane of the socio-economic development of Ghana; denigrating our beloved country into a shithole, as candidly opined by American President Donald Trump. Therefore, I have to be arm in arm with whoever devotes their time, energy and life, to fighting that canker.

Yes, Anas has sacrificed his time doing exactly what any discerning Ghanaian would wish for, to eradicating the baneful institutional corruption from the country. Nonetheless, his much touted fight against corruption has unfortunately become like the biblically condemned white-washed tomb which is full of disgusting bones inside. He might have started well with good intents but along the line, he fell for the love of fame and riches hence becoming corrupted himself, if not worse than those he is setting up, ensnaring, blackmailing and extorting.

Is robbing Peter to pay Paul a great feat desiring celebration of the perpetrator? The answer to me is a NO! Nevertheless, this seems to be exactly what the so-called ace Ghanaian investigative journalist is doing going by the authentic audio-visual revelations in the premiered "Who watches the watchman" by Kennedy Agyapong (Hon).

If Anas’ methodology of conducting criminal investigations, and intimidatory extortionist behaviour are veritably as seen in his unedited investigation videos, then I shall be 100% right to proverbially tag him as "the pot calling the kettle black". This proverb is "used to convey that the criticisms a person is aiming at someone else could equally well apply to themselves".

I would like to be honest with Anas to get him out of the altruist cocoon in which he is fraudulently embedded by conveying to his attention the following.

    1. He has been suing some people and companies left, right, centre and forward, for defamation of character for unrealistic sums of millions of Ghana Cedis. I had been waiting for him to sue Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) for defamation of character on the grounds of Kennedy premiering a false documentary on his (Anas’) investigations in what was, "Who watches the watchman". As silence means consent, the failure of Anas to challenge the credibility of "Who watches the watchman" until today, Saturday, 25 May 2019, confirms his nonstandard and illegal methodology of entrapment, blackmailing and extortion used to arrive at his own heavily edited and premiered investigations into the corrupt practices by his victims.

          2. Why does he wear beaded mask to conceal his face or identity when conducting his investigations? In the Western civilized world, we have numerous undercover investigators same as Anas claims to be, however, they do not wear facial masks to conceal their identities. They conduct their investigations in such professional and secretive manners that one will least suspect their activities yet they are able to get results that lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of those, thus the targets, they investigate. Is Anas wearing the facial mask not making it a joke his investigations? If he were to do it professionally discreetly, without his dubious intents as revealed in "Who watches the watchman", there will be no need for him to fear for his life hence making a mockery of himself and Ghanaians by always spotting beaded-facial mask when conducting his investigations, premiering his investigations and presenting himself in court as principal prosecution witness. I don’t blame him but Ghanaians who out of our abundant ignorance have come to embrace whatever he throws at us as gold needing scrambling for.

                    3. What is he doing, or has done, in assisting the police and the family to nail the assassin(s) of his employee, friend and fellow investigative journalist Ahmed Suale? Has the nationally and internationally renowned Ghanaian investigative journalist, Anas, been using his investigatory prowess to help catch the murderer(s) of Ahmed Suale, or he is not capable of investigating murders but corruption? By allegedly rushing to put out accusatory video information on Facebook or the social media linking Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) with the assassination of Ahmed Suale within minutes or hours of his murder not a diversionary tactic to put the police off the right course of investigating to trap the actual assassin(s)? What was his main motive behind such a rushed, but failed tactic? Was he not trying to play smart but was in the end outsmarted by Kennedy Agyapong (Hon)?

                          I am not going any further as I have already published a few articles in favour of, and against, Anas. He had better start to do the right things as to many a discerning Ghanaian who has the slightest idea about criminal investigations now understands that he is simply more of a pot calling the kettle black than an ace investigative journalist.

                          Unless Ghanaians accept and applaud him for what he is, because he fits into their regulatory standards of the "Ghana dee saa" way of doing things, I will strongly advise him to amend his methods to properly achieve his objective of helping fight official corruption or else, he will forever remain a joke in the eyes of well informed persons.

                          He had better go to Kennedy Agyapong (Hon) to learn about his ways of conducting criminal investigations without setting anyone up but gets all the vital incriminatory facts and credible evidential documents on those he accuses of committing crimes worthy of public knowledge. How he got Ibrahim Mahama to scurry like a scared dog with its tail tucked in-between its hind legs to pay the import duties he had evaded for two years by issuing dud cheques was so classic.

                          With God we are victorious.
                          Rockson Adofo

                          Rockson Adofo
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