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25.05.2019 Opinion

Article: An African Country Gets A 'Shock' For Not Protecting Its Resources And Vital Information

By Tuorimuo Elvis Philip
Article: An African Country Gets A 'Shock' For Not Protecting Its Resources And Vital Information
MAY 25, 2019 OPINION

Certainly, people will want to know which country it is, it couldn't be anywhere than this your country. Before a country goes down it has to be overused without returns like a cheap prostitute.

Why do I say this? When a needle falls into a deep well, many will look into the well but only a few will be willing to go down after it.

People have trooped into Ghana and out of it to invest and make returns, others to steal and make returns and lastly to settle and make returns.

A few weeks ago in a town I stay, one young man from Niger came to trade in clothes and textiles and had to stay here for 2years, it was rather unfortunate it was approaching the election year, what happened was that this young man was able to get himself into our voters register within a twinkle of an eye, it wasn't shocking because this guy was led by citizens(Ghanaians) who betrayed the system for a foreigner. He voted and took a decision as a stranger for Us.

A few months later, this young man went into the printing of counterfeits of the Ghana cedi currency, he became a threat after our own negligence. Police began looking for him and as I speaking he has gone into hiding and can't be traced, who informed him that police were after him? The same Ghanaians. That is how we betray our country as hypocrites for foreigners. Can we do that in other countries?

Let we flash our minds back, a wealthy country is like a successful, wealthy man who is not selective with groups he mingles with and friends he follow, some people are in to destroy you, other to deceive you, and most to spend the little you have and go away, you shall know them when you have nothing. All these foreigners, strangers will show you your real position when you fail to invest with the little resources you have and put leaders to the right order by being an exemplary citizen.

Ghana and its citizens are behaving like a pampered child from a rich home who doesn't know how his parents acquired the wealth yet blows their money and repute away like there is no tomorrow, how does the pampered child behave?

1. Flashy holidays abroad.

2. Drinking spots (More drinks and wine than research works).

3. More clubs and Bars than Industries

4. More friends than study groups.

5. More talk and show off than Action.

6. More girlfriends than business Partners.

How do we sell our integrity and Confidentiality:

1. Giving our passports out to foreigners for peanuts.

2. Sneaking foreigners into our voter registers

3. Throwing our Ghana ID Cards to the dogs by allowing anyone at all to gain access to them and join our database.

4. Investing in Banks and not people, forgetting the bankers are also ungrateful people(high interests to citizens).

All these properties I listed are features of a pampered child who has no idea how his parents came to where they are.

We are orphans of rich parents and everyone will like to get along with us so let's be picky and protect our image and resources when we lose, that's all, our rich parents are gone and what they left behind is a rich account called Ghana so let's guide it with jealousy.

We have a strong currency so we have friends, wait till we have a weak currency, time to protect is now.

God bless my fellow Ghanaians. I'm the son of those rich parents.

I won't be happy if we all return to poverty after our fathers have left this wealth behind, let's not be pampered and wayward children.

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