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24.05.2019 Opinion

Thus Says Allah! I Desire Peace Not Killing Others

By Emmanuel Graham Nyameke


“Oh that my people may here my voice! Oh that they may turn from killing others all under the umbrella of what pleases me. What pleases me is that my people will love me as their Allah and will love those I have created out of my love. Killing other people for my sake is demonic hence not for my sake that you kill others who do not belong to your religion but however serve me in other sects, but you kill for the Devil’s sake. It is the Devil who is interested in the death of people. I, Allah, what interests me is that my people will turn to me and live in harmony.” Thus says Allah!

It is simply brutish and out of cruelty that some of our brother Muslims have taken up the title in killing. It is unfortunate and pathetic that those Muslims involved in the killing of Christians are unaware that they have become tools for the devil. The devil always searches for avenues to manipulate man in order to get man. The devil indeed has been successful in doing that.

Dear Muslim brothers, whether Allah or God, it is the same One Universal and Infinite Being we are referring to, and when Christians mention God, Allah, is presupposed. Therefore, whether Allah or God, it is the same thing we refer to. The name Allah may be taken for example as a word in the Akan language like Onyakopong, and in the Ewe language, Mawu. The two words Onyankopong and Mawu stand for one being thus, God. The Ewe man will not have any problem with those Akans who use Onyakopon for their word. If they should have problem with the Akan usage, then they will have problem with the Akan people, which will mean that they themselves have not grasp the complete meaning of their word “Mawu”.

This is the state some of our Islamic brothers are in. I would not say they do not clearly understand the word Allah but that they do not have a complete grasp of its meaning. If not, those killing Christians would not continue to do so. You have claimed that those who do not belong to your religion are against you. However if you think that people are against you because they worship God who is the same Allah you worship. If your first claim is true and indeed what you are doing, then you are killing because one do not belong to your family other than the clan.

The clan is the bigger umbrella under which many families fall. Therefore for one family under the same clan to kill other members who do not belong to their family but belong to the clan, then it is unfortunate that that family do not understand what a clan is. For if you understand what a clan is and that all members in the clan form one big family, there would not be any need to kill others.

Muslims killing Christians is not only a treat to religion but to the whole society and by extension, the world. This is why it is not a problem for Catholics and other Christians but it must be a problem for all world leaders. World leaders must come together to end the killing. Taking the world to be a society with some of its members being brutish, then it is as if society has gone back to the state of nature where there are no rules guiding members behaviours. But this is not the case. The world, taken to be society has rules and regulations that govern members’ behaviours. Therefore, to maintain order in society, it is the responsibility of the leader to bring those brutish to order. This is what world leaders must do to ensure that those Muslims killing members of the society are brought to book.

It is about time the Catholic Bishop Conference worldwide intensifies inter-religious dialogue. Sitting at table with other religious leaders to discuss issues that border on harmony in society is key and must be done immediately. This is not the period the Church should avenge but a period for her to show that aspect of Jesus which he willed for her to the world and Muslims in particular; peace. Peace! Peace! Songs of peace are what the Church must propagate.

To brother Muslims, to kill other human being is an inhuman act. Do not give the devil the opportunity to use you as his tools. To those peaceful Muslim brothers, we ask that you immune your fellow brothers with the peace you have discovered in Allah. For whether Allah or God, we are referring to the same Supreme Being, the Infinite and the creator of all.

I desire peace, not killing one another, says Allah.

From you brother; Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

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