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24.05.2019 General News

GNPC Foundation Director Advise Others To Learn From Their CSI Model

GNPC Foundation Director Advise Others To Learn From Their CSI Model

The Executive Director of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) Foundation, Dominic Kwesi Eduah, has called on Corporate Organisations in Ghana to pick some good examples and lessons from it.

He says it will help them build development-oriented Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies that uplift the socio-economic statuses of people and communities.

Speaking at a ceremony in Bawku in the Upper West Region to commission 10 newly constructed boreholes funded by the Foundation, the head of GNPC’s CSR Unit encouraged Ghanaian entities with the requisite resources to place greater emphasis on CSR goals that promote social change and alleviating poverty in society.

Though simply ethical and non-forcing, he said “the era of charitable donation of items to the needy often as a PR tool no longer yields sustainable impact and thus, tasked companies to stop treating their CSR outfits as an appendage of their larger establishments".

He concluded that “Corporate entities should not see their CSR offices as small units within their set ups. GNPC has taken the bold step in setting up a fully operational entity in its Foundation to be responsible for the Corporation’s CSR drive to enhance the capacities of individuals and impact the lives of Ghanaians".

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