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24.05.2019 Feature Article

The Underground Man - Part 1

The Underground Man - Part 1

Her blue eyes were a reflecting mirror of innocence. She was loved by all around her. Blond, , long straight hair made her look like an angel. As she never consumed energy drinks, no wings grew under her shoulders to make her fly, yet without marketing lies her character was embraced by everyone she met. All her senses were touching anything she came to see, touch and feel around herself; her mind was eager to understand life as it is and her brain constantly tried to uncover the truth of life leaving no carpet untouched and turned around. Being slim with sparkling clean skin, carefully cut brown eyebrows, shining white teeth and slightly over the average size of girls tall, boys were blushing when their hearts were beating wild once they approached her to wish her well. Unlike her class-mates opening their legs for lust at early age, she had set her mind on growing as a person before engaging in relationships with the opposite sex. They knew her character and resisted from asking her out for a date. Walking constantly upright carrying herself as a natural born queen, her popularity was outstanding to none. School friends knew and respected her need for privacy, for much time to spend alone by herself. As her mind was open to all walks of life, the unexpected, the mysterious, the good and bad sides of it, she was for many like a fortune teller, the center of attraction.

Speaking with a crystal clear voice, she was sharing her conclusions and insights of and into life with anyone interested to learn from her. At her teenage age, she was far ahead of the crowd learning from older mentors to improve on her status in life to understand all secrets life before she had to unravel. Not a single moment existed for her not to learn and understand, be it the good things she did, or the mistakes she uncovered having done; all were important learning curves for her not to be regretted or wanting to be missed ever.

Still remembering the 830th Hamburg Harbor Birthday Party 2019 where she looked at all the people enjoying themselves around Landungsbrücken, Anna passed by the bunker from World War II located between her family´s apartment in Alte Wöhr 19, first floor, left and the school she attended to in Fraenkelstraße. On top of the bunker was a playground built with an extensive sandbox, two metal swings, and a basketball pitch. Few weeks before, in the cold darkness of a Sunday evening, a teenage boy got killed by a young man riding a heavy motorbike alongside his peers drinking and partying that fatal night on the playground. She happened to know that man from school, once a student a few years ahead of her. It was a knife crime not often heard of in the neighborhood.

„Dangerous….Do not enter! “, was Anna reading on the yellow plaque tacked to the bunker. The steps leading to the rusty heavy metal door sealing the entrance to the bunker were fenced off. Plants from the playground grew into the open space of the staircase that was covered with brown, dry leaves from last fall.

…….to bei continued

Karl-Heinz Heerde
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