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16.01.2006 Gossips

I Was Chased With Cutlass (1)

By Daily Guide

... I Took To My Heels, I Was Tired And Went To Hide Under A Benz Bus The Chairman of a pressure group within the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sese Group, noted for organizing foot-soldiers for the party in the Zongo communities, has announced his resignation from the party, alleging that he was chased with a sharpened cutlass at the Koforidua congress last December.

In a letter containing his decision, a copy of which was made available to the media at the weekend, Mr Issaka Amoani, alias “Untouched,” the national chairman of the pressure group, who jointly signed the correspondence, with his secretary, Mr Imoro Issaka Forty Forty, alias Polo, stated that, they won't stay in a party where their lives could not be guaranteed.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Guide, to corroborate his statement, Mr Issaka Amoanin said, he thanks Allah that he is alive today, because, according to him, at the Koforidua Congress, he was chased around with a cutlass, after he had been identified with the Obed faction, although he was not wearing the Yellow T-shirt of that group.

Continuing, he said, someone brandished a sharp cutlass at him at the congress grounds, in Koforidua, as though he was an object of prey, and chased him about. Realising that his life was in danger, he said, he took to his heels, with the hoodlums still at his heels.

At a point, he said he nearly gave up, but his sixth sense told him to gather all the speed in him, and hide under one of the Benz buses parked near a church, close to the Eredec Hotel, venue of the congress. “I was faster than them. So, they could not see that I was hiding under the bus”, he told Daily Guide. According to him, he was the one, who together with his colleagues in the Sese Group of NDC, organized support for Dr Obed Asamoah in his re-election bid at Koforidua, “and that is my crime”, he said. He emphasized that, he was not one of those wearing the Yellow T-Shirts, identified with the Obed supporters, yet he was fingered out, and was nearly lynched but for Providence.