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24.05.2019 Feature Article

The Special Prosecutor - A Biblical Point Of View

Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu
Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu

By law and definition, a special prosecutor is a lawyer appointed to investigate and potentially prosecute, a particular case of suspected wrongdoing for which a conflict of interest exists for the usual prosecuting authority.

The appointment of Mr. Martin Alamisi Burnes Kaiser Amidu as the nation’s premier prosecutor on the 11th of January 2018 was received with mixed reactions albeit the smiles defeating the frowns. The excitement and euphoria that characterized his appointment were evident and clear. Having served in the late President Mills administration as the nation’s attorney who is well equipped with enough arsenals to denigrate his own kinsmen more than this legal luminary?.

In sum he was the man of the moment, for a matter of fact, he still is. The trumpets of destiny and opportunity blown by the archangels in the heavenly orchestra had turned up for him to give that deserving standing ovation. I believe a crown of diamond had been designed in his honour due to his pressure resistant and his unblemished reputation as a staunch defender and disciple of the principle of probity and accountability which the Prophet Jeremiah Rawlings had been preaching about in the political wilderness.

Similarly, his accomplice in crime and right hand man in Major Rtd Boakye Gyan paradoxically the Isaiah predicted his coming rightly like a lapaz Junior High School student confidently staking a match between stoke city and West Ham United on a sunny Friday afternoon after school with beads of sweat around his neck while he indulged in that unholy act.

“Gargantuan “ as he is affectionately called in political circles, on the other hand, we the socials and commoners call him “Citizen vigilante”.

His first heavyweight title match in the political arena was at the Madison Square Garden of the supreme court. He had won a lot of fights in the lower divisions though. But with this, his underline flow was boiling like lava from a volcanic mountain. Coming against an opponent who had gone unbeaten in 50 matches recording “Zero” defeats. By logic reasoning you expect Alamisi to be shaking like a green life in the harmattan or wobbling like a pussy cat on a hot brick but he remembered Isaiah 40: 31 “that those that wait upon the Lord he shall renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they would run not get weary and they will walk and not faint. He endured despite frustrations, went through the process, endured and travailed over his opponent boxer Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

We can confidently say with no shred of doubt and equivocation that Prez. Akuffo has a deadly arsenal in his armory.

Any corrupt government official since the 4th Republic who had or has the intent of looting state coffers would be sitting on a time bomb. The

Mahama Ayariga,the Sedina Tamakloe’s ,the Stephen Opuni’s ,The Joseph Siaw Agyapong’s(Jospong),the Roland Agambire’s the Ibrahim Mahama’s,The Kwesi Nyantakyi’s ,the Charles Bissiw, and the 22 judges fingered in the anas expose who demonstrated that “justice can be bought by the highest bidder” Funny enough caught in the act stealing meat from the okro stew, these justices shamefully wanted to compromise the law in their favour.

The Joy Fm Editor Araba Koomson writes “Justices seeking justice. Using technicalities to escape punishment. You will definitely get your punishment even if it's not. One way or the other you will get it” she added.

Also, Martin Amidu’s appointment as special prosecutor would definitely send shivers down the spines of past government officials both the opposition and the present government. Thus, they believe he is their Achilles heel and the skeletons in their cupboard would be unveiled in the nick of time. Validation is in the womb of time indeed!

His job description has explicitly explained and he has been assigned by Nana SHOW BOY to make inquiries into corruption, bribery and other criminal activities among government officials and political appointees.

You can liken him to the Johnny Bravo of Cartoon network fame grabbing his catch after years and decades of pouring out his ‘’Kumi Guitar’s Betweener vibes.

His no mercy for the cripple alanta posture and approach of dealing ruthlessly with miscreants who loot state coffers both line and sinker is remarkable.

Fellow Ghanaians, adopt the three C's of life cool, calm and collected and watch as this adventure unfolds. The special prosecutor needs our unflinching support and enthusiastic cooperation to be able to able to effectively nab these blood-sucking vampires milking our nation dry.


James Okantey
James Okantey, © 2019

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