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16.01.2006 Diaspora (Italy)

Council Of Ghanaian Nationals Associations in Italy

Convocation of General Assembly

The Assembly is convened at Modena (same premises as of last meeting) as scheduled below;

Saturday 28th January 2006 Time – 13:00hrs prompt

Venue: Palazzo Europa (Sede CISL)


1. Independence Day Celebration . (Final Programme. List of events and participants, Budget arrangements, Promoters or sponsors, manifest printing and distribution, Venue)

2. Ghana Day ( lists of Stands & volunteers per Association, Permits for usage of public or private space. When and how materials (Pineapples and leaflets) can arrive at each association or stand)

3. Demonstration at GH. Embassy – (proposed date - 17/02/06 )

4. Press Conference involving OBE (President already contacted by OBE, airing space coverage costs, Linkman Eddy) – Saturday before demonstration (11/02/06)

5. Ghanaian Youth Development and promotion in Italy

6. Registration of Ghanaians in Italy: Coverage of Provinces and /or Regions in which there are no GNAs. Formation of new GNAs – possible procedures.

7. Other Matters

Arzignano (VI), 08/01/06

The General Secretary – Gilbert Abasimi

*** approved by the President.