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23.05.2019 General News

NPP Now Buys Pizza not Kalyppo, Traders Cries over Poor Sales after 2yrs of Nana Addo Victory

President Nana Akufo AddoPresident Nana Akufo Addo

Sales of Kalyppo drinks has gone down sharply, according to traders at the Madina market and other places within the Greater Accra Region.

Members of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) that used to purchase the product in cartons to boost theirs campaigns in support of president Akufo Addo campaigns now resort to buying Pizza and fry rices, the visibly disappointed traders lamented. Except basic schools and parents patronage of the drink for their children at home and in churches, no adult members including the NPP, buys Kalypo again as it used be before the2016 elections. It will be recalled that in the run up to the 2016 General elections, the then flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo, was spotted in photograph drinking Kalyppo fruit juice. The photograph went viral on social media, with Ghanaians from all walks of life identifying with him by posting selfies mimicking him drinking the locally made. Kalyppo was highly patronised by members of the NewPatriotic Party party members.
But the story is not same two years down the lane after Nana Addo victory. Scores of traders says the cashing in on the sales of Kalyppo drink has gone down sharply. Most of them who used to sell cartons of Kalyppo, following Nana Addo, sipping the drink with a straw randomly told, they could sit for the whole day in market without sale of carton of kalypo and they are not enthused. "Now people are not buying kalyppo as it use to be. When Nana was using it for his campaign, we were making sales, but now is not moving, " a trader identified as Sister Fausty said. Madam Pokuah who also sells Kalyppo and other soft drinks at the Madina lorry station plight is not different from Sister Fausty. She said, she used to sell two or more cartons in same lorry station before general elections, but that cannot be said within two years after Nana victory. Similar sentiments were shared by other traders who are into the same business.They complained business has slowed down and they could not stop though, for they need to survive. Sales of Kalyppo is no longer lucrative as compare to the peak of the 2016 elections. Prior to elections 2016, Social media were inundated with pictures of several Ghanaian drinking Kalyppo after a picture of the then Presidential aspirant, Nana Akuffo Addo sipping in on some kalyppo in his car went viral. Some people held the view, he was too old to be drinking a juice meant for kid’s at age of 72. Other Ghanaians didn’t spare teasing him with all sorts of jokes but many too who felt there was nothing wrong with Nana drinking Kalyppo backed it with the view point that, it’s only a 72 year healthy man would dare take in a delicious drink like Kalyppo. Producer of Kalyppo was also excited about the whole frenzy as more and more Ghanaians bought the juice simply in support of Nana Addo fun campaign. Kalyppo sales soar up as there were reports of shortage of the product in some places in the country but two years, the story is not the same.