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23.05.2019 Politics

Your Barking Won't Save You From Defeat In 2020—Hajia Jamila

Your Barking Won't Save You From Defeat In 2020—Hajia Jamila

Hajia Jamila Amadu, NDC Northern Regional Zongo Coordinator says the incessant jabs from the quarters of the NPP Nasara Coordinator, Sariking Samari is a sign of defeat having failed as a party that won on the platter of ridiculous promises.

According to her, every evidence piles up shows Akufo-Addo's Presidency is a failure on its own terms.

However, in regards to the recent comments made by Sariking, the NDC Northern regional Zongo coordinator (Hajia Jamila) on her Facebook timeline has labeled the Nasara Coordinator as a noise maker.

"Sariking Samari is just a noise Maker, what you should be concerned with is the state of insecurity in the country, the Press Freedom that is being endangered under the so-called Human Rights Lawyer, Corruption, Kidnapping, Media Harassment, the level of Unemployment which is at the highest level since the 4th republic, the hardships being experienced by majority of Ghanaians," she stressed.

Hajia Jamila Amadu also revealed that the NPP led administration made empty promises to Ghanaians prior to winning the December 2016 general elections but election 2020 will be a showdown for NDC.

"Akufo-Addo has failed Ghanaians with his empty promises so, these and many others would be the reason why Ghanaians will decide and vote for Excellency John Dramani Mahama, come 2020, in shaa Allah, " she added.

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