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22.05.2019 Opinion

How Can Ghana's Music Industry Realise It's Full Potential?

By Kofi Thompson
How Can Ghana's Music Industry Realise It's Full Potential?

Despite the unfortunate incident that took place at the recent Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) night show, our younger generations can justifiably congratulate themselves, for the magnificent performances put up by the many talented musicians, who strutted their stuff to the world, via satellite television stations, and on sundry social media platforms that night.

It is instructive that the one truly gifted superstar in Ghana - who is incredibly talented and also possesses the charisma to enable him become a global superstar in the Bob Marley-mould, Shatta Wale, has just released a marvellous single, in which he apologises to the nation, and to the organisers, as well as the sponsors of the VGMA.

Alas, with the best will in the world, one can only describe Shatta Wale's archrival, the multiple-award-winning Stonebouy, as a clever-copycat playing his own version of contemporary Jamaican popular music, who, unfortunately, will never ever become a global star. But I digress.

On a more serious note, one will go as far as stating that the players in Ghana's music industry, will not be blowing their own trumpets, if they were to say that they now have a music industry, which has the potential to earn billions of dollars, annually, for our nation. The question is: How can that be achieved in the shortest possible time-frame?

The key to unleashing the huge potential of Ghana's music industry is lobbying the current pro-business government, led by the hardworking President Akufo-Addo, to make the industry a tax- free one. Such a development, will lead to local players in the music industry here, being in a position to form win-win partnerships with global foreign music companies on the lookout for African talent, which could take the world by storm, and make money for all involved in such collaborative productions.

It is such win-win partnerships that will transform Ghana's music industry into a global powerhouse earning billions of dollars for Mother Ghana annually. Finally, a lucrative tip from this blog (which admires him so much for his amazing talent), to the brilliant and gifted Shatta Wale, and his management team: Please contact the South Korean steel company, Dosco Company Limited, and show them a portfolio of your music videos, and propose a partnership with them to launch the Shatta Movement in South Korea, with nationwide concerts there, for the king of dancehall music in Africa, the great and gifted Shatta Wale. Cool.

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