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22.05.2019 Headlines

Families Of Kidnapped Girls Deserve Apology From Ghana Police

By Beyonce Diamond Kpogli
Families Of Kidnapped Girls Deserve Apology From Ghana Police

Child Right International (CRI) has called on the Ghana Police to apologize to the families of the Takoradi kidnapped girls in relation to the manner in which they made the family believe that they had found the girls.

It could be recall that, there have been brouhaha in the country over the manner in which the police service has been handling the investigation of the missing Takoradi girls some few weeks ago which some called on the president to dismissed the CID Boss, Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo Danquah over a comment she made of the where about of the girls.

That “we know where the girls are’ and “they are safe...very soon they will be brought back home", she said.

Executive director for CRI, Bright Appiah said, apart from the ongoing criminal investigation by the police, the girls' parents are going through emotional torture which the state should provide psychological assistance to the families through social welfare.

"apart from the ongoing criminal investigation by the police, nothing has been done to the families social fitness. The parents of these missing girls are in a bad state of emotional torture and constantly trying to deal with the whole matter in the wrong way".

"On our visit, we gathered that the mothers of the girls are all developing various heart-related conditions. This is very bad for their health and by now we expected at least the state to have to put in place some form of support for them".

"we are hereby calling on the state, through the social welfare, to provide psychological assistance to the family. We expect that the government would at least provide a clinical physiologist for the affected families, especially the mothers since women naturally are very emotional. Kidnapping is not a criminal matter and therefore we expect the social welfare to step in", he said.

He added that the police service must also have interface discussion with families on a regular basis so that they would not feel as if they are being kept in the dark regarding the progress of the investigation.

Bright Appiah said this at a press conference on Monday 20th, May, in Accra.

He emphasized that the issue of the missing girls should not be politicized since it will not help in finding the whereabouts of the girls.

He appeal to the state to involve other security institutions in neighboring countries since the girls could be anywhere and not necessarily in Ghana, adding that, parliament must halt minister of gender, children and social protection and interior minister to answer questions on the where about of the children and the manner they have conducted themselves since the matter came up.

Child Right International is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) which has been in existence since its establishment in 1997. Its mandate is to promote and protect the inherent dignity of every child.

The organization work not only for the realisation of the fundamental right of children but also to create a nurturing environment for the development of their unique abilities, talents, and personalities.

The organization also focused on issues pertaining to the welfare and safety of children in Ghana.