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16.01.2006 Diaspora News

CPP/PNC Must Prepare For Govt In 2009

By UK& Ireland

The year 2006 marks the 40th anniversary of treason by police and military self-seekers against the constitutional government of the CPP. Their arrival halted Ghana's development and the hopes and aspirations of millions of Ghanaians and fellow Africans.

40 years on Ghana's decline continues with no end in site. The sense of hopelessness among the majority of the populace has never been greater, with rampant corruption at the top whilst the ordinary citizen has no opportunity to progress from their present status; with ever more expensive cost of health and education against falling standards; with increasing flight by professionals and those who find the loophole to escape, against the freefall into poverty of the majority.

The list of despair is today endless in our society.

The NDC came promising salvation, and delivered us to a land filled with fear, corruption and “cash & carry”, and if the boot boy bugga bugga tactics employed at their recent congress is anything to go by, then the NDC leopard has not changed its spots.

The NPP promise of Positive Change and “development in freedom” has proved to be a massive hoax with freedom for them to fill their car boots with state cash, blatant corruption with arrogance and very little development in the lives of ordinary people.

In the near 50 years of Ghanaian independence arguably any meaningful change and development in health, education, housing, infrastructure, industry, social security, pensions, insurance, sports, women's affairs, children's affairs, has been delivered under CPP Government.

The last 40years has been the wasted years, with wasted opportunity and wasted lives, and no one believes anymore the lies that the CPP had money, which no other government has had. The fact is that in the last 40 years successive governments have wasted billions of dollars in loans with our debt still over $6billion, and even as you read this release Ghana's Parliament is still contracting loans. What has been done with the wasted billions? After 40 years the main stay of our governments today is “ Poverty Reduction Strategies”, compared to the successive development plans of the CPP, which brought Ghana to where it is today – a very sad state of affairs for our near 50-year-old nation.

Our politics has been corrupted with money but the corruptors have run out of steam with no policies or vision to push Ghana forward.

The NPP and NDC are each hopelessly divided with splits and plots the order of the day in their ranks. The CPP/PNC must seize the moment and forge ahead speedily with plans to merge. They must now actively prepare for Government in 2009 – it is Ghana's remaining hope.

A Happy 2006 to Ghanaians in the face of arrogant and corrupt government, and good luck to the Black Stars

In The Service Of Ghana's Democracy

RNA Akomfrah Chairman (UK& Ireland)