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21.05.2019 Crime & Punishment

Three Ghanaians Arrested OIn USA Over Money Laundering, Counterfeiting

By Staff Writer
Three Ghanaians Arrested OIn USA Over Money Laundering, Counterfeiting

Three Ghanaians have been arrested by the Millbury police in Massachusetts, USA, for felony.

The three, Kelvin Asare, Kofi Badu and Evans Manu Bimpeh, are being held by the Millbury Police Department on a 15,000 dollar cash bail for multiple charges including money laundering and possession of counterfeit notes.

In a collaborative effort with the United States Secret Service and prosecutors from New Jersey, the Millbury police, after several months of investigations, led authorities to a central Massachusetts home to find a stash of credit cards and illegal cheques, owned by the three.

According to Millbury Police Chief, Donald Desorcy, neighbors of the three complained of high amount of traffic on the street, particularly surrounding their home at 10 in the night.

This, he said, prompted the police to start investigations, after which the officers observed a number of people coming in and going out of the house on a daily basis.

“ A lot of surveillance, a lot of sit down and wait, sit down and watch to see exactly what was happening …we knew something was not right, didn’t know exactly what,” he explained.

Investigations carried out by the police department, headed by detective Andrea Warpula, ABC News Ghana observed, indicated that the criminal suspects were using the fake cards to withdraw cash from banks. Police also found hundreds of counterfeit cheques, credit cards and a loaded handgun.

“They will then manufacture cheques, deposit the cheque into the ATM, and then ultimately withdraw the funds, whatever funds were available, prior to the banks realizing that the cheques were counterfeits” detective Andrea told Worcester News.

According to the prosecutor’s office, multiple forged cheques used for bank accounts can be traced back to Asare, some for as large as 49,000 dollars.

“In often times people will feel what’s the big deal, this is a big deal cause they’re stealing a lot of money” the chief stated.