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21.05.2019 Business & Finance

Ghana Gas-WAPCO Interconnectivity Phase 2 Almost Done

By Staff Writer
Ghana Gas-WAPCO Interconnectivity Phase 2 Almost Done

“They need to check the pressure, understand how the flow is going to be like, detect any possible leakages, technically to make sure that everything is fine before they start pushing the gas,” the Communications Manager Mr Owusu Bempah has stated.

Mr Owusu Bempah disclosed that the company is currently producing about 37million metric cubic feet of gas to the Volta River Authority for the testing and commissioning phase of the pipelines.

The success of testing would enable them to roll out fully the production and supply of gas through the TRMS to the Eastern enclave to power up thermal plants.


“At the moment we doing about 37 million cubic feet on the pressure within the testing and commissioning, from there it can take about 60 million cubic feet of gas; which is very significant as it can do about 300 megawatts of electricity” he added.

He is highly optimistic that the recurring gas shortage, which in the past hit power-producing plants in the country will be extinguished.

“…there’s not going to be any problem when WAPCo tells us there’s not enough gas available. There will be more gas flowing…we will be doing about 30 to 60 million cubic feet of gas to help us generate electricity,” he elaborated.


The Officer-in-charge of Pipeline and Station at the TRMS, Emmanuel Ackon clarified that the testing and commissioning phase of the project begun on Thursday, May 16.

According to Mr. Ackon said should things go according to plan, the exercise he described as “far excellent”, would be completed in the next couple of days.