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20.05.2019 Opinion

NDC Wants To Scapegoat Jean Mensa For Their Woes

By Antwi Boasiako John
Jean Mensa
MAY 20, 2019 OPINION

The opposition NDC has been tenaciously persistent in setting the stage for the members of the party to reject results which will be announced by the Jean Mensa-led Electoral Commission in the 2020 elections.

Their talking cricket of a presidential candidate has jumped on the bandwagon with a position that reinforces what the party's top hierarchy keeps on reiterating.

According to Mr. Mahama, the posturing of Jean Mensa and Bossman Asare gives room for him and his party members to believe that the EC is in to harm the NDC.

Very stereotypical of them, they are mainstreaming their unfounded and baseless assertions into the public domain so as to garner sympathy from the Ghanaian electorate.

Not to suggest that the NDC should not complain when they find some of the utterances of the Commissioners to be problematic, but it is difficult sifting facts from their accusations.

Jean Mensa is human and has her own flaws, but for anybody to suggest that her actions so far inure to the benefit of one political party would be the height of dishonesty.

What the NDC is doing is prejudicial to our democracy since they are bent on introducing a dangerous phenomenon which could erode the credibility of the 2020 polls.

They see themselves stationed on the bench of opposition after the 2020 elections, and are asking their members to reject the results. If they have any concrete facts which lend credence to their allegations, publicizing them would be ideal.

Charlotte Osei, Mahama and his charges seem to say, was a better leader than Jean Mensa, and this, in my opinion, is not only comical but palpable falsehood.

Charlotte Osei's insolence was widely known even beyond the shores of Ghana. She was extremely dictatorial and found it out of place to consult even her own colleagues on pertinent matters.

Were we not told that elections are won at the polling stations when we had cause to complain about some decisions of Charlotte Osei and her EC? What has suddenly changed?

John Mahama has no message to campaign on. He only seeks to ride to the top using unconventional routes. Using their own phraseology, elections are won at the polling station level so they should direct their focus there.

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