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21.05.2019 Opinion

Africa is still the same because of Poor Leadership - Kulli Jay

Africa is still the same because of Poor Leadership - Kulli Jay

Kulli Jay is a young Afro pop musician who accounts not only for his music but always tells the truth to people who follow his music too. Today he voice out to the poor side of Africa through the leadership in Africa.

Where the Poor remains Poor and the Rich remains Rich. Why because the leaders in Africa are ignorant in helping the youth to achieve their dreams to be like them. Kulli Jay said most African leaders create poor schools for African future leaders here, while they know when they were coming out to be leaders, they didn't complete their education in Africa. They had great education outside Africa. So the worry is why can't these leaders in Africa create same big education in Africa for some of the youth who can't afford education abroad.

He also made mention of poor election of leaders in African nations. People voting for someone they know can't fulfill his or her promises when he or she wins. Government laws affecting poor youths who have no life, education or family in the ghetto by arresting them without helping to educate the ghetto youth on how to find their talent and achieve their dreams. Kulli Jay said the poor side of Africa is as a result of all Africans thinking it is only those who have classroom education that can be successful and not someone who have the talent but just need coaching or guidance to push his or her talent.

In the white man's country when a kid has talent or a good idea, that kid gets good support not only in monetary form but also encouragement. On the contrary, in Africa, you see kids being maltreated and disrespected because they have found a dream not in the classroom but outside the classroom. The parents of these African kids thinks they are wasting their time pursuing such dreams. Whereas, that kid abroad getting support and encouragement brings lots of wealth and resources to his country, continent and to his family as well.

Our political leaders are not investing in talents down here in Africa but just on some scholarships for kids who sit by books written by someone and study it for a semester to write exams and pass well. Whereas, there is one kid or person who's gotten the idea to bring out something with his own mind but just that the person can't read, write or speak good English. All the person needs is little education to be well polished and abreast but we act ignorant. And perceive such a person to be an outcast in the community. These are the things creating a whole lot of unemployment among the youth in the country and Africa, because the leaders have paid less attention to people who have talent and dreams to bring out something for Africa.

That is making Africa poorer than the white man..
"Africa needs Change a lot"

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