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20.05.2019 Editorial

NDC And The Firearms Propaganda

By Daily Guide
NDC And The Firearms Propaganda
LISTEN MAY 20, 2019

Importing arms into the country in accordance with laid-down procedures has never been a crime. However, when a government which has barely two days to exit the helm authorises such an import and on the blind side of the transition team, eyebrows will, of course, be raised. More so when the National Democratic Congress (NDC) tendentiously raises the alarm about the arrival of the cache of arms as though it had no hands in the authorisation.

When the party's social media operatives went overdrive with the story about the arms at the Port of Tema, we wondered what foolhardiness will drive an importer to bring in so many firearms in breach of procedures. It was only when the police explained that nothing was amiss that the mischief became clear, especially originating from the NDC.

Having been so exposed, the party, hiding under which of the two words – authorisation or permit – gave clearance for the landing of the cache of arms.

We are interested in finding out why the exiting government thought it necessary to undertake such an important business bordering on weapons on the blind side of the transition team. Could it be an oversight or the NDC was just being prankish?

A long ladle is needed when dining with the NDC, not a spoon because of their tricks even in matters with national security implications.

The party knew everything about the landed cache of arms, yet embarked on a campaign of telling Ghanaians that the NPP had authorised the importation of arms at a time when the country was in an insecure situation.

It would appear that it is in the best interest of the NDC when Ghana is thrown into a state of insecurity. When a political party which claims to have the interest of the country at heart embarks upon such a sadistic venture, we can only scratch our heads for answers. The leaked Ofosu-Ampofo audio recording comes to mind at this stage and for a genuine reason.

The alarm over the arms import was to create a situation of fear and panic even as persons suspected to have the backing of the political grouping embark on perpetrating acts of criminality across the country.

Just how kidnapping and acts of arson can inure to the electoral interest of a political party can best be answered by them. Perhaps the CID Director General knows a lot that we do not about why she invited somebody for a chat about the kidnapping and fires.

Mischief about matters bordering on national security is inappropriate and should not be countenanced under any circumstance.

NDC arguments when they are cornered as they have been in the case of the cache of arms, defy logic: assuming the NDC authorised the imports, the NPP being at the helm could have scuttled it considering the insecurity in the country. Who says there is insecurity in the country? Only NDC claims so. Managers of our national security are responsible for this department of state and not the NDC.

For a party notorious for creating judgment debts, cancelling contracts or even authorisation such as the one under review, is not unusual. A government which seeks a better management of the public purse will avoid taking actions which can lead to judgment debt, especially when there is nothing to warrant such a cancellation.

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