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19.05.2019 Feature Article

The War Against Terrorism: We Are All Frontline Soldiers

...Whose Lives Can Be Sacrificed At Any Time, When Terrorists Strike
The War Against Terrorism: We Are All Frontline Soldiers

Sadly, ours is a nation whose national security apparatus happens to be a vulnerable, heavily-politicized superstructure, undermined by perpetual-ruling-party-manipulation, and personal-greed-induced-corruption. Alas, professionalism is thus rare, in the designated institutions and agencies, which in theory are supposed to ensure the safety of the Republic of Ghana and the security of the citizenry.

In light of all the above, as a people, if we are to effectively deal with the threat posed by terrorist organizations, we must, perforce, rely on artificial intelligence stealth ID, and weapon-scanning-technology, in the fight against terrorism. And has the time not come for Ghana to establish a no-nonsense fourth armed service - a special forces unit dedicated to ensuring internal security in our homeland Ghana: modelled on Italy's fourth armed service, the Cabeneiri, and Kenya's much-feared General Service Unit (GSU)?

Furthermore, as luck would have it, Huawei has a presence in Ghana - and could help us gain access to China's global-leading companies in the fields of artificial intelligence stealth facial recognition, and weapon-scanning technologies. We must form win-win partnerships with them to enable Mother Ghana develop and deploy a national Command Centre (and regional and district command centres), underpinned by nationwide artificial intelligence facial recognition and weapon-scanning technology.

Above all, we must all understand clearly that the only way to confront terrorism, is to resolve that no matter how many times terrorists strike at targets in our country, we will never be cowed into submission, by any terrorist organisation. Till the very end of time. We have entered an era that calls for heightened vigilance, all the time - by both civilians and personel of the security agencies. In effect, in the war against terrorism, we are all frontline soldiers - whose lives can be sacrificed at any point in time, when terrorists strike at targets right across our homeland Ghana. Hmmmm, Oman Ghana eyeasem o - asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa.

Kofi Thompson
Kofi Thompson, © 2019

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