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18.05.2019 Feature Article

Ghana National Cathedral vs. Ghana National Hall of Shame

Ghana National Cathedral vs. Ghana National Hall of Shame

Corruption on private level is cheating on someone´s future and oneself; on state and society level, these are moral, legal and economic offenses destroying the welfare and progress of societies.

Ghana´s law books are filled with regulations against corruption. Law Courts sit day after day on cases of corruption endlessly. Various institutions are mandated to bring a final end to corruption in the country. Voices of Politicians cry out loud like on an open market place to be the saviors of the Nation in the fight against corruption claiming, over and over again, with them…this time round…to create a Nation free of these Octopuses with thousands of tentacles. Media Houses go undercover to expose the evilness in the bleeding heart of their Nation Ghana to make it great and strong, seeing it more down than up.

As all tools, legal, investigative and enforcement, are in place, why is corruption still rampant in this country…an example standing for the rest of Africa?

2014 Merchant Bank was sold to FORTIS Limited, main shareholder Ibrahim Mahama, younger brother of former President John Dramani Mahama., after it had gone into bankruptcy realizing Ibrahim Mahama refused to pay back the USD 40 Mio. loan once taken from the Bank.

Against Bank of Ghana (BoG) statuary regulation regarding minimum funds and expertise needed to run a Bank in the country, a recess of the Parliament during Parliament vacations approved the deal. The than opposition party NPP, today in power, did not take the matter to court but shouted `Foul’ in public for few weeks only. The `Why?` is obvious and visible today.

UT-Bank was listed at Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) for four consecutive years without presenting any financial reports violating the rules of business and of the GSE. The current BoG Governor delisted UT-Bank from the Stock Exchange and took it under the Umbrella of Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB).

2013 Parliament Public Accounts Committee faced the Management of Ghana Atomic Authority complaining for the fiscal year 2009, 2010, 2011 not having received any reports as mandated each year by latest March of the following fiscal year. The Management promised to correct their mistakes without drastic steps taken like firing the Management or even imprison them in such a vital and potentially dangerous institution.

The stories of corruption fill a vast sized National Hall of Shame, not to be found anywhere else in the world as a memory of the nation and teaching instrument for the upcoming generation. Unlike a National Cathedral, this National Hall of Shame would bring credit to a Nation wanting to change and provide a better life for their people, among an outstanding reputation in the world desiring of leading the course of change.

The `Why? `, better `Why not? ` is obvious. People in power and decision making processes, be it Politicians or Business folks, benefit from this system to see their own agenda come to pass. Besides lip-talk and make-up shows in few court hearings, the benefits outsmart the potential discomfort having to endure.

In Ghana, the `everyday` persons are suffering passing by Villas of a handful citizens looking into the grim eyes of Watchmen guarding their wealth, and in the developed world innocent Tax Payers have to foot the bill for AID and loan support forced by heartbreaking stories of their own elected Politicians that are never true. These moneys are given to countries potentially richer than the once of the White Man.

As fairness is not part of our real world, understanding and effective action taken against evil minds thoroughly and swiftly can, should and must prevail to end useless suffering for the MANY.

Karl-Heinz Heerde
Karl-Heinz Heerde, © 2019

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