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17.05.2019 Editorial

The NDC Rigging Hallucination

By Daily Guide
Former President John Mahama
LISTEN MAY 17, 2019

Kofi Adams has joined the water muddying project of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) after lending support to the creation of Oti Region. His decision is perhaps driven by his quest for a foothold in the newly created region. He is eyeing a parliamentary seat in the new region because many members of his ethnic group are domiciled in this part of the former Volta Region.

Now that the Oti Region has come into being, it is time for mischievous politics, his stock-in-trade and by extension his party's.

He has given a wobbly reason for the ouster of Charlotte Osei from her position as Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC). His reason does not make sense at all, anyway; the premises do not support the conclusion.

According to him, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) facilitated the dismissal of Charlotte because of an apprehension that the lady knows how the last elections were rigged in favour of President Akufo-Addo's party.

If Charlotte as Chairperson of the EC and appointed by an NDC President could not be smart enough to stem a rigging process then she was incompetent and deserved what befell her.

We are unable to fathom the obstacle preventing the NDC from accepting the results of the last elections at this time. If after commissioning a project headed by a respectable academic to undertake a study into what accounted for the poor showing of the party at the polls former President John Mahama and the likes of Kofi Adams think rigging deprived them of power then they are doomed. The ghosts of the last elections will continue to haunt and torment them.

One sure way of further electoral defeats for the NDC is their refusal to identify the right factors which led to their losing power. Consoling themselves is not a bad idea because it is an important ingredient for the healing process after the devastating results from the last elections. Not so however when such consolation is shrouded in lies.

Whatever happened to the report of the Kwesi Botchwey study can best be addressed by the former president and now Kofi Adams. Strangely, the rigging factor is a recent reference and makes us feel the party is befuddled.

The logic cannot stand on its feet. Charlotte is in a better position to expose the so-called NPP rigging module now that she is no longer the Chairperson of the EC not when her hubris was at its zenith.

That is NDC logic. So she is closer to the NDC than, of course, the NPP; we ask that the former encourage her to spill the beans immediately. We are sure the NPP would have the last laugh when such venture is embarked upon.

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