Pragya Riders Demonstrate In Techiman Over Arrest Of Colleagues

By Abdul Aziz Abubakar Bagya
General News Pragya Riders Demonstrate In Techiman Over Arrest Of Colleagues
MAY 17, 2019 LISTEN

The tricycle business popularly known as “pragya” is rapidly gaining grounds in the Techiman Municipality, despite several warning from police Motor Traffic Transport Department (MTTD) regarding their operation.

Their trade has been classified as unlawful and cannot be allowed to operate on commercial bases but the warning seems to be ignored as the number of “pragya’s” keeps on increasing in the Municipality.

Gradually the operation of this tricycles in the Bono-East Regional Capital Techiman comes with a lot of challenges associated with road safety violations, according to the police.

The association yesterday held a massive demonstration with their tricycles, as they moved from their station to the forecourt of the Techiman Municipal Assembly to complain to the Municipal Chief Executive Hon. John Kofi Donyina, about the arrest of their colleagues and the constant harassment they receive from the police.

Some of their Complain were that, members pay their taxes regularly, their tricycles are registered, their road wealthy Stickers are not expired, and most of them have Driving license why should the police continuously harass them and maltreat them as if there are not Ghanaians.

They told the Municipal Chief Executive to help them seek bail their colleague and also caution the Municipal MTTD commander DSP A. K. OKONONGYE to desist from harassing them or else they will continue to demonstrate in the Municipality and register their displeasure.

The group added that they will continue to ply their trade as the only the way to earn a living.

Hon. John Kofi Donyina received their concerns and assured them of getting in touch with the police to find out what the problem is and how they can resolve the matter.

He however pleaded with them that any time there is an issue that needs to be addressed, they should rather delegate their leaders to come for discussion rather than parading with their tricycle and causing fear and panic during working hours.

At the time of filing this story the ISD contacted the Divisional police commander C/Supt. Ohene Boadi Bossman said the demonstration cannot stop them from doing what is right and lawful.

He indicated that a certain woman came to the police station to lodge a complaint and explained how a Pragya rider connived with his friends to robber her and collected an amount of Gh₵ 3,000.00 Ghana cedis from her.

According to him, the woman boarded the Pragya from Techiman town to Hansua and on her way, the tricycle rider saw his two friends standing by the roadside.

He added that the Pragya driver picked the guys but approaching her destination, Hansua alerted she will alight but the driver sped off until he got to brigade closer to Hansua, where they push her out, took her money and bolted.

According to the lady, whiles she was inside, she noticed a number on the Pragya tricycle and managed to memorise the number.

The police, based on the number conducted an investigation and eventually apprehended the Pragya rider but has denied committing the crime.

He was dragged to court and was remanded for two weeks. That action by the court caused his colleagues to protest for his release but the police insisted it will not work.