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16.05.2019 Technology

MTN Intensifies Effort To Bridge Digital Divide Among Traders

Mr Bless Sefenu Agordjo

Ghana's leading telecommunication giant, Mtn has launched its 9th internet festival (iFest) to help bridge the digital divide, particularly among traders.

Ghana's huge digital divide has become one of the crucial areas to the country's socio-economic development as there are almost 2,000 communities without mobile signals serving as a major challenge to trading activities.

Some activities organized during the festival include panel discussions led by seasoned industry players, exhibitions by mobile and technology firms, traders forum, digital fair among other tech-based activities.

According to Mr Bless Sefenu Agordjo, Senior Manager for Products and Services, MTN, has noticed a huge gap between the informal sector and the formal sector hence, it's motive to channel some efforts to Madina since it's one of the most dominated trading hotspots in Accra.

"We believe this will serve as a platform for the public to benefit from the relevance of the use of the internet," he noted.

What is iFest?

iFest is an annual internet festival organised by MTN Ghana to educate the public on internet usage and the need to integrate tech-based business approach service delivery and to ultimately bridge the digital divide.

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Any milestones since its inception?

The leading telecommunications provider also recounted some strides made since the inception of the iFest which includes the enhancement of trading activities by providing training sessions for traders on internet usage across the country.

He also mentioned that the 13.5 million people who use the internet also get the chance to purchase digital devices at a subsidized cost during the festival.

It has been updated to a total of 1,092 4G sites this year which is approximately 20 times faster than the 3G services.

MTN has also invested $ 160 million in infrastructure expansion and technology enhancement projects to close the digital divide.

How is MTN using iFest to drive businesses in Ghana?

Bless Sefenu Agordjo said such services can be used to browse the internet for the latest services by using the 4G + services at a faster rate.

"People who sell products can also showcase them online," he added.


MTN, together with the NCA, GIFEC and Huawei techniques have also been launched in rural Ghana to improve access to rural areas.