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14.05.2019 Health

Naa Teley Foundation screened over 400 women on mothers' Day at Doryumu, none tested positive for Hepatitis B

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Naa Teley Foundation
LISTEN MAY 14, 2019

The Naa Teley Foundation, a non-governmental organization, provided medical screening and mentorship program for over 400 women at Doryumu in the Greater Accra Region during the 2019 mothers' day celebrations. The medical screening was sponsored by the Assemblies of God Church, Doryumu branch, and other benevolent organizations.

The participants were screened for hepatitis B while their blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels were checked besides pelvic scans.

Dr. Bernice Borteley Bormai, also called Naa Teley, a senior medical officer and founder of the Naa Teley Foundation, was impressed with the overall turn out of the event.

According to the medical doctor, she adopted the Doryumu community when she visited Dr. Nyarkotey during the death of his father and decided to do something for the community.

"..... my long awaited dream is to help and transform deprived communities by giving back to society so that my heart is at peace now, due to this charitable project I have embarked upon," she said.

According to her, out of the over 400 participants that got screened for hepatitis B, nil tested positive for the virus. However she realized that the major communal concern had to do with low haemoglobin levels for which she advised the consumption of iron rich food including kontomire and sea food when possible. Dr. Naa Teley also called on the government to help establish a community health facility to help the people with healthcare while calling on the generality of charitable organizations and philanthropists to help support her organization, the Doryumu community, and many others across the length and breath of Ghana. According to her, the Naa Teley Foundation planned to do a similar health screening project during the 2019 Homowo festival in Nungua.

Dr. Bornmai was supported by a specialist gynecologist, Dr. Theophilus Tay of King David Medical Centre, who provided gynecological services to the people and also by naturopathic medical students from the Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, Tema community 7.

The Naa Teley Foundation was founded this year with the simple mission to provide medical and

health outreach but also engage in advocacy and medical education programs that target deprived communities in Ghana. It also has the mission to provide mentorship to the youth in this areas and related communities.

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