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13.05.2019 General News

Asiakwa Classrooms Have Now Turned Into ‘Wee’ Ghettos - Educationist

Asiakwa Classrooms Have Now Turned Into ‘Wee’ Ghettos - Educationist
LISTEN MAY 13, 2019

The Municipal Secretary for Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Thomas Awuah Oppong has made a shocking revelation about how marijuana smokers have gradually turned classrooms at Asiakwa into a ‘wee’ base.

The wee smokers are said to have been converging regularly at night in the classrooms to hide and smoke “the hell out of the school."

Speaking in an interview on kasapa Fm’s morning show, Mr. Awuah indicated that there are so many illicit activities happening in several schools at Asiakwa.

“If you go to Asiakwa town, each night every basic school there is turned into a marijuana smoking ghetto. If you fix light bulbs in the classrooms the miscreants go there to remove or steal them. If the classroom are locked after school hours the wee smokers break into them and smoke there.

"So to avoid the breaking into the classrooms, one classroom is intentionally left for them to use. This is a very sad situation and the relevant authorities must step in and nip this practice in the bud. The situation is affecting academic work in the town,” he noted.