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13.05.2019 Poem

What Is In A Rain?

By Paul Zowonu
What Is In A Rain?
MAY 13, 2019 POEM

This rain just jolted a thought in my mind.

Just at the onset of this rain in a village, a maid only in a loincloth would run from her shelter to the abode of a male teacher newly posted to the village.

She would in a muffled voice call out 'teacher' at his entrance .

' Teacher, my mother says i should give something to you'

The naive young teacher would invite this young lady into his presence.

In the process of giving whatever it is to the young teacher, the loincloth of this young lady would slip down a little.

There would stand in front of our young teacher a pointed inviting sapling breasts on a wet day.

He would be tempted to show a village maid what a city boy is made of.

Unfortunately, he would not know the joke was on him

This is how a young male teacher spends his whole teaching life in a village he had nitially thought of staying for a year; then leave for better prospects somewhere .

He is left with a village wife and her children .

He has a new hometown.

Paul Zowonu