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13.05.2019 Feature Article

Is The Church Or Our Platform Just About Christianity?

Is The Church Or Our Platform Just About Christianity?
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NO NO NO. We are the body of Jesus Christ. The brethren are Spiritually being woven into the Triune God through Jesus Christ. We are more than a character building organization, and it is not an organization no matter how some theologians try to make you think and will want us to accept.

An organization is structured and the CHURCH is the wise assimilation of sinful people redeemed and bought people and brought out of the corrupted culture of the world. To be God's own and to belong to Him alone.No one else apart from God can claim the CHURCH as their own, oh No brethren we belong to one and only God into whom we have been baptized (Matthew 28:19).

I am visiting Africa living unnoticed and has had the privilege to be visiting different churches and it is sad to say what some men and women if they are called by God, then God help them to recover the truth, handle God's people. To them, these flock of God is their money making machine no matter how well-intentioned they may have. Tithe and offering are highlighted in their services as God is. Congregational numbers are their major concern and fights over the flock of God. Church mansions are been built to have the innocent come into to be milked, without any Godly impact on their lives.

My spirit was saddened when during some visits noticed many of the leaders and anointed supposedly brethren, some elders and founders speak disrespectfully, and in demeaning ways as if instructing children. Please in the name of our God and Lord Jesus Christ name stop this act and treat the flock of God with some decorum and respect as these now also possess the Spirit of God. I will continue to visit these churches some of whom I have seen their promotion articles and videos on this platform and Facebook in general.

Throughout this week I have used part of the Book of Ezekiel (40.1-48:35) to throw some light as to what God from the initial ages His view of His people shall be starting from, Abel, Enosh, Noah,Abraham, Jacob/Israel till the fulfillment/Jesus Christ the God and Man fitting to usher humanity back to be the righteous saints or people to live forever with YAHWEH.

Today I will dwell with selecting a few verses from chap.44; 5;9. And Jehovah, said to me (the recorder and writer Ezekiel)

, Son of man, pay attention, and look with your eyes, and listen with your ears to all that I say to you concerning all the statutes of the house of Jehovah and all its laws, and pay attention to the entrance of the house, with every exit of the entrance.

Thus says the Lord Jehovah, No foreigner, uncircumcised heart and uncircumcised in the flesh, of any of the foreigners who are among the children of Israel, shall enter into My Sanctuary.

Brethren I will continue to visit Africa and its native sprinter churches and from the Bible, we will see their acts and their role in the Body of Christ. hopefully, the God touched and fearing ones will restructure their churches and treat the flock of God in a more humane and God-fearing and respectfully manner as both David and Solomon did when made to lead the Israelites. I will also share the spiritual significance on the verses quoted today God granting us life in the name of Jesus Christ tomorrow. Stay blessed all ye who fear the Lord and God.

Jude Thaddeus Taylor
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