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12.05.2019 General News

Ezinlibo: Students Of 'Attah Mills' School Use Torchlight To Learn, Residents Demand Electricity

The Assembly Member of Ezinlibo Electoral Area
The Assembly Member of Ezinlibo Electoral Area

Students of Annor Adjaye SHS, one of the schools built by the late former President John Evan Attah Mills in Ezinlibo in the Western Region had to strain their eyes in order to learn due to the lack of electricity in the area.

The situation has compelled students to use torchlights to learn in the evening with majority of them complaining of eye complications.

The school, which is under-resourced is on the brink of collapse due to inadequate infrastructure.

The about 6000 residents of Ezinlibo community which is located in the Jomoro Municipality have appealed to government to extend electricity to parts of those 'dark' communities.

The Assembly Member of the area, Hon. Emmanuel Assuah-Chie Erzoah told this reporter that some parts of the community had been in darkness for years.

He added that the said areas which are predominantly occupied by government workers are completely dark.

According to him, electricity poles have been erected and wired yet, finds it difficult why they have not being connected to power.

"Ever since we were connected to the national grid, we have been appealing to successive governments to extend electricity to some parts of the community where there is no electricity but no government has listen to our concerns and when you come to Ezinlibo Community we have a Secondary School here called Annor Adjaye SHS and these areas that I am talking about are where most of the students, mostly day students stay including some government workers", he stated.

He added that the situation is affecting the academic performance of the students who had to struggle under unfavorable condition to learn.

"I am worried today because I know if government doesn't come to our aid, this situation apart from affecting their academic performance, it will also affect their eyesight because regular usage of torchlights is not good," he intimated.

The Assembly Member said he has written severally to then Ghana Electricity Company address their plight yet nothing has been done.

He added that the incidence of armed robbery and theft has increased over time within those communities as a result of government inability to connect the community to power.

"Everyday the residents living in these areas always come to me to complain about theft and I can't sleep over this situation", he lamented.