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11.01.2006 General News

Editorial: The Name of the Game

By Lens

The year 2005 was a most difficult year for the corrupt Kufuor regime. Scandals after scandals finally helped opened the eyes of most Ghanaians to the reality, long known by many, that underneath the smooth veneer of the so-called nice gentleman, were carefully hidden the vilest, most shameful and corrupt tendencies.

The mind blowing Esseku-gate coming not long after the shameful acquisition of Hotel Kufuor by the president using his son as a front (which is still the position of all discerning Ghanaians) completely shattered the smokescreen and gave the world a crystal clear perspective of the rottenness and degenerate leadership currently managing the affairs of a country that for so many years had won international respect and acclaim because of the impeccable integrity of its leader.

E! ver so devious and so diabolical, the game plan of this discredited government is to fight hard to turn the Lens from itself and rather cause the searchlight to be on the group they consider as most likely to win the hearts and minds of the electorate in the next general elections. The best form of defense is to attack, so the NPP aided by a horde of media mercenaries who will readily sell their very souls for a morsel of bread are out on a desperate mission to create a picture of near cataclysm within the NDC.

Aiding this agenda are a few within the NDC who have for a long time been known to be unconscionable and unprincipled disloyal fifth columnists. Now that the purging fire within the party is becoming too hot for those dry leaves, they have decided to come out openly to say what they have been doing privately all these many months.

The picture of apocalyptic doom being painted is a convenient excuse to divert the! minds of our people from the stench and filth that have engulfed the ruling NPP. When folks like Wereko Brobbey, Kwame Pianim, Jones Ofori Atta, left the NPP, the party did not collapse. These are people who were not even sabotaging the party from within. Why should the heavenly sent exodus of ?cancerous cells? from within the body of the NDC be any cause of alarm?

It is time to bring back the positive agenda. The agenda of defending the interest of Ghanaians who are becoming worse off day after day whilst the ruling clique continues to eat, drink and make merry and blow freely resources that belong to the suffering masses of Ghanaians.

Diversion is the name of the game.