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11.05.2019 Opinion

Just A Single Day For The Mothers…

By Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim
Just A Single Day For The Mothers…
MAY 11, 2019 OPINION

Every year, I read a lot of good articles, messages, quotes and other kinds of stuff from people showing and expressing how they love their mothers and how important they are in our daily lives. Most of us will testify to the fact that when it comes to the importance of our mothers, it is something that is beyond imagination because of the struggles and suffering our mothers go through just to make sure we and our fathers are in good condition is absolutely undefined. Nevertheless, today is also one of my best days because anytime I see people showing or talking about their love for their mothers I feel more happy and excited.

However, I congratulate each and everyone who shows his or her mother love this day, who knows, that might be the only time some people appreciate their mothers, thank you all for making your mothers feel special. It’s an undeniable fact that we need to show love and caring for our mothers, and there are no two ways about that. But on the contrary, I ask myself a question, should showing our mothers love and care be a single day? Should showing our mothers love be just a day of celebration? Should show our mothers love comes from what somebody has done as a celebration of his or her mother? And to me, these are genuine questions that need answers.

And in all honesty whoever has an answer to these questions should kindly educate us, especially when the answers are “YES” I don’t have any issue with people who decide to show love to their mothers, in fact, I encourage people who do so, to do it more, but in other words I disagree with singling out one day just to show love to our dear mothers, and the fact that I disagree with the singling out one day to show love to our mothers does not mean that day isn’t important or worth celebration. In fact, it has countless importance such as, some people don’t actually show love to their mothers every day, but this day at least makes them also have that kind of feelings of sharing love with their mothers and it is good though. But with the whole choosing and agreeing with only this one day, as a day to show love to our mothers is what seems worrying.

It looks ungrateful on our part just to select only one day within these 365 days to love to our mothers. It is a pity because most of us will agree that we can never return the unconditional love to our mothers like how they do love us, by choosing only one day to celebrate our mothers!, We exclude those women who in one way or the other been deprived by nature, we also isolate those who silently suffer from grief or infertility, and the sad part is that we tell our children that our mothers should be cherished only once a year.

While I empathize with those women who find this Day worrisome, so choosing not to celebrate it, is not just a statement in solidarity with them but also a way of not reminding of their grieve. I think motherhood is not something new. It’s something that women have been doing since the beginning of time and I don’t see the point of singling out a day to celebrate it.

I love women or mothers, and in my candid view, just a single to celebrate our workaholic and tireless mothers are so demeaning and ingratitude. Then why choose just a day to honor and show love to them when we can’t even return a quarter of their love, so for me personally it looks sad and worries. It is sad but true. Mothers aren’t like anything we can celebrate once a year, we need to show them love and compassion on a daily basis, hourly basis and every minute of our lives. The worth of a mother cannot be celebrated once a year, never. Mothers deserve more love and care all the time and not just a single day. Love you all mothers around the world.

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim, Social Commentator

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