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10.05.2019 General News

Pastor Joe Hagan of SDA calls for religious coexistence for more peace and harmony in Ghana

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai
Pastor Joe Hagan of SDA

In the ever-increasing conflicts arising from ethnic and religious differences, some individual religious leaders are working hard to forge harmony between Muslims and Ghana, the National Chief Imam Sheikh Dr Osman Nuhu Sharubutu is one such person whose leadership over the years has brought peaceful coexistence in Ghana. There are many others who are following his footsteps. These people are seen paying reciprocal visits to mosques and Churches providing food and cash donations to the poor... One such person who has shown love for Muslims is Pastor Joe A HAGAN, Special Assistant to Vice Chancellor of Valley View University at

Oyibi in Accra, He once a part team of Seven Day Adventist Church which made a donation of food to Muslims through the National Chief Imam. This move is remarkable. Apart from material things the Pastor also works with fellow newsmen to educate Muslims and Christians through messages meant to promote peace and good lifestyles by the youth.. He also does extend messages of goodwill to Muslims during Islamic activities

On the occasion of the current Annual Ramadan Fasting which just started, he said "it is my greatest pleasure to send this special message of Goodwill to encourage all my friends in the Moslem faith across Ghana and beyond especially those from the Media and the Institutions.

"For the one month fasting to be successful and beneficial to society, I advise all adherents to eschew all forms of arrogance, opulent lifestyle and waywardness which is the common practice of our time.

On the contrary be purified from sins and with respect for the will of Allah (God), be honest to lead humble lifestyle as you go through the FASTING and prayer event. "The effects of this must bear positively on not only the Moslems but our communities and the nation Ghana as a whole.

May you not be discouraged but be protected by Allah as you go through this Holy Month of Ramadan for you to have all your hopes and aspirations to the level of fulfillment with unfailing ALLAH'S blessings of love, peace, and unity in Ghana and beyond.

Blessed Ramadan Mubarak!"