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10.05.2019 Opinion

Children's Corner Goes International

By Charles Yeboah
Children's Corner Goes International

Following my two publications on the Radio BAR 93.5MHz Children's Corner programme, I've had many calls from friends within and outside Ghana who have shown interest in the kids on the said programme.

As a writer who attaches my contact to stories I write, people who read my writings normally call me for some clarifications and questioning. In this case, the two stories made about the Children's Corner programme had focused on the brilliance of the kids on the programme and the need to give it our support to achieve its intended aim - the best education for the future of Ghana.

To get a good foundation for the rebuilding of our fallen walls, making Ghana great again, the future of the country must be built and nurtured from today.

Today may be your first time to read about the Children's Corner programme on Radio BAR 93.5MHz. So you've not read how the kids on the programme had been written about by my very self to have spoken of a woman who drowned and killed her own 5-year-old son due to the child's father's neglect as: "a barbaric mother, one who qualifies not to live with human beings, a monster who easily forgets the pangs of pains mothers go through during labour", and the likes. They didn't just throw positive salvos at this murderer mother, but also educated her that: 'she should have sought assistance from the Social Welfare Department or from Nongovernmental Organisations', instead of causing infanticide.

Or you may have not heard about the kids on the programme steered by princess Agnes Boakyewaa Minta calling for peace in Ghana; before, during and after our electioneering.

These are the kids I'm talking about. They're rare, raw talents that need to be harnessed.

I was amazed to learn from one of my darlings on the show, Chatty Ibrahim said: "do not use dishonest means to achieve your goals". This he said to buttress his moral lesson stance on a story narrated by princess Agnes on a rabbit who did not join all the animals in the jungle to donate their flesh for a feast, but through deceptive means lured those animals that donated theirs to have a long dive in a river to test and choose who qualifies to be their next king in the jungle. The word of the rabbit gained fertile soil in the minds of the animals, and before they could come out of the river, this 'dishonest' rabbit had prepared a sumptuous meal with their flesh.

Contributions of the kids on the programme, not to talk about the tales they tell, the health tips they give, the birthday segment, good manners, and how to speak good English; the programme is packaged fully to educate and build for the best - both listeners and panelists on the show.

It's now an advantage to embrace this programme as we take it international.

Next, in your local school, expect to see ambassadors of Children's Corner to open and launch a Children's Corner Fan Club. Expect in the next shop you buy from; the Children's Corner box, beautifully designed, drop in your widow's mite, put inside the box your change, and write your name in the book provided. Your name would be mentioned on the show every Saturday morning (8:00 - 9:00) as a sponsor of the programme. You can add the name of your business as well, and as Radio BAR reaches more than 9 regions in the now demarcated sixteen regions of Ghana, and with the online listeners around the world, you're assured to be marketed worldwide.

Not only that. Children's Corner is now a magazine programme, and all the Fan Clubs will get publications of the magazine, and students who will read well the magazine, call into the programme and answer correctly questions from princess Agnes Boakyewaa Minta qualifies to enter the studio and join the likes of Chatty, Jackline and the other brilliant kids on the programme the following week.

So this Saturday and the next, tune to 93.5MHz, or optionally, log on to and join the wider listeners of the Children's Corner programme.

In the Goka Kingdom, in Vasco the Wise's Court, where I serve as a consummate Courtier; pages, counts, princes, and princesses join me every Saturday morning around the coffee table to listen to the programme before our weekend Balls. Vasco, the Regent Duke of Goka, notwithstanding his busy schedules do not miss a second on the programme.

He believes in the narrative that: "when these kids are supported, Ghana would build the best future sooner than later, and make our country GREAT again.

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
Contact: 0249542111
Email: [email protected]

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