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09.05.2019 General News

Focus On Your Abymal Performance, Not  Ofosu Ampofo—John Afful Fires NPP

John AffulJohn Afful

Mr John Afful, a member of the Greater Accra Communication team of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has called on the ruling New Patriotic Party ( NPP) government to focus on it numerous unfulfilled promises to Ghanaians rather than finding frivolous means of implicating National Chairman, Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo in criminal activities.

According to him, instead of the government finding solution to the hardship, coupled with unending insecurity of the state, the government is bent on distracting and using the security agencies as poons to harass and intimidate the NDC and it National Chairman.

The police in a letter on Wednesday May 8, invited the NDC National Chairman to appear before the police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Thursday, May 9, at 2pm, to assist investigation on the recent fire outbreaks and kidnapping in the country.

According to the police, some suspects arrested in connection with the fire outbreaks and kidnapping have mentioned him as the crime schemer.

Mr Afful admonished the NPP government to focus on arresting the various economic challenges facing the country and not the NDC national chairman.

He stressed that, the NPP has promised Ghanaians factories in every district, Dams in every village in the north and to build 350 community day Senior High Schools across the country but has since failed to deliver.

" I want to call on the NPP government to leave our national chairman and tackled the economy. There is hardship, people cannot get jobs, even those few that have jobs in our banks, you collapsed the banks, the factories you promised to build in every district, you have not, the dams you said you build in every village in the north, you have not, the 350 you said, you will build within four years, we are yet to see even a single one after two years," Afful stated.

The NDC communicator added that inviting the NDC national Chairman would not save the NPP government from the punishment Ghanaians would give to them in 2020, for failure to relief the masses from hardship and insecurity.

He accused the government of using meritorious tactics through the security agencies to intimidate and harass NDC members in order to hang on to power in 2020.

Mr Afful who sounded very disturbed over the latest development on the NDC chairman mocked that,"if care is not taken, very soon we will wake up to hear that, Samuel Ampofo has been arrested for responsible for hardship in the country, responsible for the hot sunshine, responsible for floods and responsible for market women not getting sales."

He berated the government and the police for in the first place investigating into comments attributed to the National in a leaked tape and now in a supposed confession of suspected criminals are deliberate to divert attention from President Akufo-Addo’s bad governance style.

“These are diversionary tactics. We want to remain focus,very focus on our agenda of winning 2020 and my humble advice is that if there’s anybody to arrest and focus on, they should focus on the hardship in the country, as every citizen is complaining and not focus on Ofosu-Ampofo, he is not a security threat to this country," the NDC Communicator fired.

Ampofo is to expected to appear before the police CID on Thursday at 2pm but Mr Afful said, Mr Ampofo would not honour that invitation.