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09.05.2019 General News

Exclusive: Over 3000 NDC 'Hawks' Members Hold General Meeting To Disown Party

By Clement Akoloh
Exclusive: Over 3000 NDC 'Hawks' Members Hold General Meeting To Disown Party

The Woes of the largest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is deepening as cracks keep emerging from its Ashanti Regional office following the shooting incident which occurred several weeks ago at its party office.

The about 3000 members of the group operating in all the 47 constituencies in the Ashanti Region are threatening to cross carpet to other parties, take a decision to restructure its relationship with the party or quit NDC.

They say their party is not worth dying for anymore.

The group, which has a little above 50 members in each constituency in the region is scheduling a meeting this coming Saturday May 11 in an undisclosed location.

The leadership of the group say they will communicate their decision to the media after a consensus is reached at the general meeting with its members.

The group who feel aggrieved about a number of issues including lack of support and care from the party following the shooting incident in Kumasi says whatever decision the members arrived at will be binding on all its members in the region including the personal body guards of some NDC political 'king kongs.'

The Secretary to the political vigilante group based in the Ashanti region, Alhaji Rabiu who has been speaking ModernGhana vow that no registered member of the group, no matter the stands in the party cannot act in ultra vires with the group.

“For now I can’t tell you we are going to move out of the party or not. We have to sit as a team, we all discuss, we will jaw-jaw and arrive at a decision. If even we have to cross carpet, that is what we are going to do. In fact the decision we are going to take is going to affect all the constituencies. Nobody is going to take himself out of it. The decision will be binding on every registered member of the 'Hawks', no matter his position in the party. Whether he likes it or not, will have to quit and that is our stand. Every registered member of the Hawks who has our card, if we are moving he is moving with us,” he said.

When asked whether the members will be forced against their wish to comply with their final decision at the end of the day, he said, that the member would be doing so at his own risk.

“Unless the person is not a registered member, the decision will be binding on everyone. In fact he will agree, in fact he will agree. Does he know what will happen to him tomorrow? We are all in the same group and then your colleague gets a problem and then the party neglected us. Then we are taking decision and you say I am not going to join you. Tomorrow do you know what will happen to you? In fact we all understand each other,” he said.

Over 3000 members

Alhaji Rabiu, who is also the Tafo Constituency Youth Organizer of the NDC revealed to ModernGhana that the registered members of the vigilante group are more than 3,000 in numbers from 47 constituencies in the Ashanti Region.

According to him, they have no less than 50 members in each of the 47 constituencies in the Ashanti region where they operate from.

“In Tafo, I have about 150 people. When we did the recruitment in the Ejura constituency, they were more than 200. In fact Obuasi, the last time I checked in my books they were around 90 people. That is why I told you, in every constituency we have more than 50. So you the day we will decide we will call you to come and just see the numbers,” he intimated.