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08.05.2019 Press Statement

Death Threats On Manasseh: State Security Not Enough

By North America NDC Professional Forum
Manasseh Azure AwunisManasseh Azure Awunis

The NDC Proforum – North America welcomes the intervention of the Minister for National Security in providing state protection for ace investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni following continual threats on his life after the airing of “Militia in the heart of the nation”.

However, we believe the current arrangement is not enough and call for an immediate police investigation and consequently arrest and prosecution of those behind such cowardly and antagonizing attacks on democracy and rule of law.

We also wish that the democratic channels activated by aggrieved parties to address issues surrounding the expose’ would be allowed to serve their purpose but not a camouflage to launch an attack on a journalist in his line of duty.

Ghana has come a long way and we cannot, under the desperation of the current regime roll back. The media has the support of our sovereign constitution to carry out its mandate under our democracy and no nepotist can entrench his failing policies by gaging free speech.

We are just hoping the current development does not become another failure on the part of the President to act decisively in ensuring the safety of all Ghanaian professionals both home and abroad; and even more pressing now, ensure that the rascals after the life of Mr. Awuni are arrested and made to face the law.

The Proforum-North America as members of the diaspora community are appalled by the attempt of this government to hush the press and shield the masses from the bare evidence of mismanagement and cunning schemes in the guise of creating job opportunities for desperate youths, most of whom were misled to change a progressive government.

We will therefore as fellow professionals in the service of our dear nation commit all intellectual resources to anyone committed to exposing the deceit, intimidation and double standards of the NPP government.

Long Live Our Democracy!!
Long Live Our Homeland Ghana!!
Arnold Appiah - President