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08.05.2019 General News

We Will Disband Ourselves – NDC Hawks Declare

By Clement Akoloh
We Will Disband Ourselves – NDC Hawks Declare

The Anti-Vigilantism bill which has been enacted at the instance of President Akufo-Addo is lying before Parliament waiting to be approved to disband party militia but the pro-NDC group, 'The Hawks' says they prefer to "hang themselves before anyone hang them."

Leaders of the pro-NDC vigilante group claim they have served notice to voluntarily disband the group.

This is as a result of the seeming neglect of the group by party officials after the shooting incident which occurred at the office premises of the party in the Ashanti region where one person died with another sustained severe gunshot injuries.

According to the Secretary of the Ashanti region based group, Alhaji Rabiw, who spoke to ModernGhana in an exclusive interview, the leadership of the Hawks are disappointed in the regional executives of the Party as well as the National Executives who have distanced themselves from the group ever since the incident occurred.

He said the three suspects who were picked up by the police in relation to this case are all members of the group, but have had to struggle through this case alone for the past three months without even receiving a phone call from any of the party officers.

“Master, I am telling you that we have not even received a phone call from any of the regional or national executives. No support from anyone and we have to move around begging for money to support ourselves throughout this case,” he indicated.

According to him, their leadership will be meeting on the issue soon and will come out with a concrete decision on the matter which shall later be communicated to the media soon.

“Since they don’t want to do anything with us now that we are in trouble, we will disband ourselves before we are disbanded. We are going to meet as a group and take a concrete decision on this matter and you will hear from us soon,” he intimated.

He claims they are a very recognized group within the party and are very well known by the party executives. They are therefore taken aback by the uninteresting and uncondoning attitude of the party, an indication of being fed up with the group.

“We have appointment letters to prove that we are a recognized group of the party. Our appointment letters are on the letterheads of the party appointing us as internal party security officers. So why have they taken this decision. We are advising ourselves and very soon you will hear from us,” he intimated.

Meanwhile a Kumasi High Court on Tuesday, May 8, 2019 granted GHC100, 000 bail in total with two sureties to the three suspects in relation with the shooting incident.